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A Dictionary of Geology and Earth Sciences

A Dictionary of Geology and Earth Sciences contains more than 10,000 entries covering all areas of geoscience, including planetary science, oceanography, palaeontology, mineralogy, and volcanology. In this edition, 675 new entries have been added, along with three new appendices, and web links have been fully revised and updated.
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Essentials of Atmospheric and Oceanic Dynamics

This is a modern, introductory textbook on the dynamics of the atmosphere and ocean for intermediate-advanced undergraduate and graduate students of meteorology, oceanography, mathematics, and physics. It is unique in taking the reader from very basic concepts to the forefront of research and is written by the leader in the field.
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Earth Science for Civil and Environmental Engineers

Introduces engineering students to the fundamental principles of the applied Earth sciences. Numerous examples and case studies provide students with the practical knowledge needed for successful geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering practice. Problem sets are included and additional examples and solutions are available online.
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100% recyclable Dinosuar model and 32-page fact book full of the latest facts and stats. Press out and build dinossaur model with book dedicated to that dinosaur
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Earth Materials: Introduction to Mineralogy and Petrology

This textbook brings together the wide-ranging fundamentals students need to understand rocks and minerals, and shows how they relate to the broader Earth, materials and environmental sciences. It is beautifully illustrated to explain the key concepts in mineralogy and petrology. This edition has been fully updated based on classroom experience.
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Awesome Science : Historical Geology Set

Explore the wonders of God's creation through national parks and monuments!

Package Includes:
Your Guide to the Grand Canyon
Your Guide to Yellowstone
America's National Parks: A Creation Tour
Teacher Guide
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An Ape's View of Human Evolution

Whilst many books have addressed human evolution and the human fossil record, very few have examined our fossil ape relatives. This volume synthesises genetic, ecological and anatomical data to develop a unique account of what we know about our last common ancestor and how they lived.
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Africa's top geological sites

Africa is home to more than the Cradle of Humankind. It was the core of the ancient supercontinent Pangaea, and comprises some of the oldest and most extraordinary geology on planet Earth. This detailed and colourful book features 44 of the continent's most spectacular and interesting 'geosites'.
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AIMS Library of Mathematical Sciences: Introduction to Atmospheric Modelling

This graduate-level introduction shows how mathematical modelling helps us to understand atmospheric phenomena. Written for students with backgrounds in mathematics, physics and engineering, this book will be a valuable resource as they begin studying atmospheric science.
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An Introduction to Geological Structures and Maps

An Introduction to Geological Structures and Maps remains the most popular textbook for students needing a concise and accessible introduction to geological structures and mapping skills.
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FCS Soil science: Level 2

The series is designed to meet the needs of students and lecturers of the National Certificate Vocational.
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