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101 Dogs : An Illustrated Compendium of Canines

Gorgeous canines of every shape, size and colour bound through this book - all 101 of them!
R 391,00 R 460,00

2023 Too F*cking Cute Animals Wall Calendar : A Year of Unnecessarily Adorable Animals

How can an animal even be this d*mn cute? This adorable wall calendar is the perfect gift for the animal lover in your life. Packed with sweary captions and fun f*cking facts, this calendar will help you get out all that so-cute-I-can't-handle-it aggression! Get ready to tell adorable hedgehogs to take a f*cking hike and snoozing sloths to stop that cute sh*t already! Features: 12-month wall calendar (January-December 2023) with 12" x 12" trim size and sturdy hole for easy hanging Adorable
R 330,00

299 Dogs (and a cat) : A Canine Cluster Puzzle

A jigsaw with a twist: no two shapes are the same, and each piece is a dog (except for one that's a cat)
R 306,00 R 360,00

12 Birds to Save Your Life : Nature's Lessons in Happiness

Pre-order 12 Birds to Save Your Life now, and discover the healing power of nature through the stories of these characterful birds 'A lyrical and life-affirming book that teaches us as much about birds as it does ourselves - a balm for the soul' Raynor Winn, author of The Salt Path 'Totally absorbing and completely engaging on so many levels... Charlie has opened my eyes to the constant joy of the sights and sounds of the birds that surround us. It is a book that really will save lives' Dr Ri
R 370,00

100 Trees to See on Safari : An ID Guide for East Africa

East Africa is a premier wildlife destination, well known for its mass migrations of herds and fearsome predators. But as iconic are the trees that grow there: among them mangroves, cycads, palms, marulas, acacias, sausage trees, fever trees, toothbrush trees and giant bamboos.
R 210,00

9 Lively Cat Tales and Other Pet Poems

This amusing collection of animal tales in rhyming verse features felines of all kinds, from pet cats to wild cats both real and fanciful, along with a few beloved dogs. Meet a math-whiz cat, a cat needing encouragement to take a bath, a sleepy cat dreaming of goldfish, cats with catitude, plus tigers, lions, a leopard, a lynx, and an ocelot more.
R 325,23

A Big Day for a Little Dog : Meggie, The HOUSEBOAT Dog

A joyful, loving puppy named Meggie travels to her new home and adapts to life in a vibrant houseboat community.
R 480,43

52 (more) Flower Mandalas : An Adult Coloring Book for Inspiration and Stress Relief

This book blends the beauty of flowers, the centering of mandalas, and the wisdom of the ages to provide hours of inspiration, relaxation - and joy! The exquisite illustrations, created by artist Mary O'Malley, are based on the award-winning mandalas of therapist and photographer David J. Bookbinder. Each is matched with an inspirational quotation
R 255,21

50 Must-see geological sites in South Africa

The book presents 50 of the most recognizable and geologically interesting sites around South Africa, including some of palaeontological or historical renown and some of mining interest.
R 400,00

100 Common Bird Calls in East Africa

Includes CD-ROM in pocket attached to inside back cover.
R 160,00

30 Years with Master Nuno Oliveira : Correspondence, Photographs and Notes Chronicled by Michel Henriquet

This classical text, which knowledgeable horsemen have been anxiously awaiting for years, is finally available in English. Henriquet's personal record of correspondence provides a unique window into the private problem-solving dialogue between master and student. Now a master ecuyer in his own right, Henriquet embellishes this new edition with 50 photographs from his personal collection. This first and only English edition includes many more photographs of Nuno Oliveira and his teacher than ear
R 1 067,70

52 Volte T.P.R. - Un Cavallo Ad Alta Risoluzione - 2010

Un viaggio attraverso le immagini per raccontare l'ultimo anno del Cavallo Agricolo Italiano da Tiro Pesante Rapido. Edizione 2010
R 1 345,94