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As Kingfishers Catch Fire : Birds & Books

As Kingfishers Catch Fire: Birds and Books is an illustrated and visually stunning exploration of birds in literature, from Ovid to Ted Hughes.
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The early adventures of a young David Attenborough
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A Plea For The Animals, A

"Previously published in French [in 2014] as Plaidoyer pour les animaux: Vers un bienveillance pour tous."
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50 Must-see geological sites in South Africa

The book presents 50 of the most recognizable and geologically interesting sites around South Africa, including some of palaeontological or historical renown and some of mining interest.
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100 Common Bird Calls in East Africa

Includes CD-ROM in pocket attached to inside back cover.
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100 Alien Invaders : Animals and Plants that are Changing our World Changing our World

100 Alien Invaders - Full-colour guide to some of the world's most environmentally damaging alien species, also covering natural history, regions and conservation. Organised by species type, it includes detailed information on invasive flora and fauna, images, distribution maps, human involvement, effects on native populations and landscapes.
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Babylon's Ark: The Incredible Wartime Rescue of the Baghdad Zoo

Chronicles the Baghdad zoo's transformation from bombed-out rubble to peaceful park. This title recounts hair-raising efforts to save a pride of the dictator's lions, close a deplorable black-market zoo, and rescue Saddam's Arabian horses.
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A Hippo Love Story

When the threads that hold human society together unravel, the animal kingdom suffers. Karen Paolillo discovered this first-hand in Zimbabwe when she developed a close connection with thirteen hippos in their natural habitat, the Turgwe River.
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Africa's Big Five

Of all Africa's wildlife, none has captured the imagination more than those species that have come over the years to be known as the big five. Whether the biggest, the most beautiful, the fiercest or most formidable, these animals are the ones that have the power to remind us of our insignificance in the face of the true kings of the savannas.
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African journeys : In the footsteps of Don

In this collection of essays from Getaway magazine the author takes us on a series of journeys across the African continent, following first of all in the footsteps of David Livingstone.
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All Things Wild and Wonderful

This volume brings us further stories of life in the Kruger park as the wife of a game ranger. After eleven years in the remote Mahlangeni region the couple are transferred, first to Crocodile Bridge and then to Pretorius Kop.
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A Field Guide to African Wildlife

A tour of African wildlife covers the climates, landscapes, and creatures of Africa's fifty-eight countries; profiles 480 species; and includes maps that show country borders and park locations. 75,000 first printing.
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