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Poetry Text & Anthologies
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A Quaint and Curious Volume : Tales and Poems of the Gothic

Introduced by Sarah Perry, the best-selling author of The Essex Serpent. Uncanny. Mysterious. Eerie. Gothic. It draws us in with its air of mystery and repels us with its violence and darkness. But who were the first practitioners of the now-prevalent genre?
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A Private Audience

This collection is the second in the Dryad Press Living Poets Series.
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300 Things I Hope

"This collection of inspiring prose and illustrations will move you, and remind you of what's importants in life as you live it."--
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’n hunkering se grein

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A saving bannister

Across the abyss a bannister goes, a raining on a ledge over sullen darkness, leading its intermediaries to stairs up and down, rooms that begin and do not end, halls of light (but rarely glory), alcoves peopled by rain spiders and slow breathing.
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A Pair of Silk Stockings

From one of the most daring writers of fin-de-siecle America, this title features five stories of awakening that range from Louisiana's plantations and poverty-stricken bayous to its gilded cities.
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A book of rooms

A book of rooms, Kobus Moolman's new collection of poetry, deepens the explorations of his recent books Light and after and Left over. While their Beckett-like sparseness and doggedness is still there, A book of rooms moves into a realist-biographical narrative form.
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Sewe is die getal van heiligheid, van voltooiing en vervulling, ’n volmaakte sirkel. Gilbert Gibson se vierde digbundel is ’n konfrontasie met die simboliese lading van hierdie getal, ’n woordestryd teen die wete dat voltooiing die einde beteken, dat volmaaktheid noodwendig ook die dood impliseer.
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A Book of Lives

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A Book of Irish Verse

Originally published in 1895, this outstanding collection of Irish verse was part of Yeats' campaign to establish a tradition of Irish poetry fit for the dawn of a new age in Ireland's history.
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A new University anthology of English poetry

This revised and updated anthology covers English poetry from the Middle Ages to the present. Aimed specifically at the Southern African market, this anthology includes a significant proportion of twentieth-century material by women and Southern African poets, together with the standard works from the rest of the world.
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