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Poetry Text & Anthologies
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After Fame : The Epigrams of Martial

Welcome to After Fame - an ambitious and resonant engagement with the epigrams of the Roman poet Martial, which completes the loose trilogy of Sam Riviere's process-derived works. It was Martial who first used the term 'plagiarism' in its modern sense as a kind of literary theft.
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a fire like you

A fierce and lyrical collection of poetry celebrating the moments of triumph and beauty in our lives, as well as the moments of despair-recasting them as opportunities for growth.
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A Quaint and Curious Volume : Tales and Poems of the Gothic

Introduced by Sarah Perry, the best-selling author of The Essex Serpent. Uncanny. Mysterious. Eerie. Gothic. It draws us in with its air of mystery and repels us with its violence and darkness. But who were the first practitioners of the now-prevalent genre?
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A Private Audience

This collection is the second in the Dryad Press Living Poets Series.
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’n hunkering se grein

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Al die lieflike dade

Die poesie is per definisie iets buitengewoons, dit is waaraan Charl-Pierre Naude se digkuns by uitstek gestalte gee. Die poesie is ’n ander manier van kyk – die metafoor laat jou iets deur die lens van iets anders sien, en so word die wereld nuut, iets wat van voor af ontdek moet word.
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Africa ablaze! : Poems & prose pieces of war & civil conflict

A rich anthology that illustrates the enduring narrative of war in Africa. Military strategists, commanders, warriors, conscripts and seasoned fighters come together from diverse battle landscapes to voice the horror & pathos of war.
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Africa! My Africa! : An anthology of poems

The words of Nobel Laureates, well-established poets and emerging poets share the pages of this definitive anthology 'touched by Africa'. They express eloquence, wit and beauty, reminding us of poetry's unique place in the landscape of the human heart.
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All the Days

"All the Days, Robert Berold's fourth book of poems, reaches further and sings more clearly than his earlier work. The reader will be struck by the spare lucidity of the language, the elemental sense of place and the way love in the end gets the better
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Against the Light

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A Book of Lives

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