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Literary Criticism
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125 entries of loving you

The new edition of 125 entries of loving you contains the stages of grief, loneliness, power and independence one may have within their lives, due to the trouble of love. It contains my journey through heartbreak and self-love through the breakup that corrupted me the most. Without the documentation of such emotions, moving on would've become and unsettling thing to undergo. Re-reading such documentation made me realise how strong and worthy I am as a human being and most importantly a woman.
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100 Poems On Poets And Poetry

The poems of Lingaraj Rath offer an insight into the multidimensional workings of a poet's complex imagination. His poems exhibit a range surprisingly wide as the globe itself. The themes the poet dwells upon are revelations of different facets of a poet's personality. The poet is extremely laconic in his expression, but the terseness encapsulates the vision of the whole world. Most of his poems present the poet as an empathetic and sensitive human being who can feel the pain of a wounded bird,
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24 In 24 a poetry marathon collection

24 in 24 is a poetic trip around the clock, each hour a place to stop and reflect, each hour a look into this passionate poet. From the uniquely 21st century experience of a "Zoom Bomb," to a timeless breakfast with Pop, a reminder to look back at September 11, 2001, the promise of still having time to learn something new. J R Turek delivers poems for contemplation, poems of magic and confession, every hour, on the hour, hued in purple, lilac, lavender.
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...139, 3.

The (probably) final collection of free-verse, poetry and prose dealing with the universal concepts of loss and longing. A fictional and heartbroken Romeo transcribes the death of a relationship, and the longings that follow. Wrapped in self-loathing and vicious introspection, this volume exposes the thought process of a badly broken soul.
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205 Thoughts from the Heart of a Man

205 Thoughts from the Heart of a Man, is a collection of poetry for encouragement and guidance from a Mans prospective. The content of this book is from the brokenness of a man who has accepted his mistakes and successes. In our quest for peace, a person wants to be sure that there is hope. Suffering will come to us all but we must endure till the end. Since I'm open about loving me for who I am and not for what I'm worth then I have succeeded in expressing the feelings of most of my audience.
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!Como Hacer Un Ensayo! : Mas alla de un quiz, mucho mas que un paper...

Este libro es el resultado de la aplicacion de la forma anglosajona para elaborar ensayos, entre otros. Pero sobre todo es el fruto de la teorizacion personal de fenomenos, del continuo proceso experiencia-analisis, y del aprendizaje y superacion de convencionalismos academicos, !de una manera atractiva, artistica y amena!
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1900; Or, The Last President

In Ingersoll Lockwood's 1900; Or, The Last President, a politically charged New York City is on edge after a political outsider overcomes stiff opposition to be elected President of the United States. Mob rule threatens, and marching protests rove up and down Fifth Avenue searching for symbols of wealth to destroy. Lockwood uses this setting to critique the socialist and collectivist mentality of his era and illustrate the inherent danger of the crowd. The story is a small and relatively unknow
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100 Reasons Shake-speare was the Earl of Oxford

"An exceptionally lucid and thorough exploration of the arguments supporting J.T. Looney's controversial theory that the true Shakespeare was the Earl of Oxford. Masterfully organized, the book takes the reader through 100 primary reasons supporting the theory. Whittemore's long experience studying and writing about the authorship question, and keen eye for problematic fact or surprising but enlightening perspective, is evident throughout." -- Roger Stritmatter, Ph.D., associate Professor of H
R 579,44

!Palabra! : Black Identity in the Literature of the Spanish Caribbean

In her analysis the author applies the theory of "deterritorialization" as proposed by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, who study the use of the dominant language by a minority for the creation of a style alien to that of the standard. The creation of this style offers another possibility of expression for that particular group. Through the application of this theory she illustrates how the Ana Lydia Vega, Blas Jimenez, and Nancy Morejon significantly question the national values that shaped
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This Roman play is one of Shakespeare's last tragedies, best known for its political and military themes.The Introduction and commentary notes open up the language, themes and ideas in this complex yet richly rewarding play for the student and teacher.
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"The Threepenny Opera"

Authoritative student edition of Brecht's most performed play. A vicious satire on the bourgeois capitalist society of the Weimar Republic, but set in a mock Victorian Soho.This edition features a full commentary and study aids and is the definitive edition for students.
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"King Richard II"

This annotated edition of "King Richard II" takes a fresh look at the first part of Shakespeare's second tetralogy of history plays, showing how it relates to the other plays in the sequence.
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