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These are a series of stories, some short and some long, of some of the varied calls I responded to while working as a deputy sheriff for Palm Beach County, Florida, and two police departments, Rivera Beach and Palm Beach Gardens. These are by no means all the calls I answered in my career, they only represent a small portion of them. I wrote these stories years ago while they were still fresh in my memory, but as most people, I procrastinated and they have sat idle for years, moved numerous ti
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A Conversation Between The Brothers

In this first book in a series, written entirely in rhyming lyrics, "A Conversation Between the Brothers" depicts the stories of African American men senselessly murdered by racist cops and racist individuals in general. Based on true events, this work of fiction brings the murdered brothers together in Heaven (The University) with their Creator (The Master) who closely resembles them in more ways than one. One by one the Master has the unfortunate experience and responsibility of welcoming His
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A Gangster's Cry

Take an exciting ride as Stan Long tells the true story of a wild and outrageous life of sex, drugs and high-end crime during the 1980's & 1990's. A Gangster's Cry begins with a fairly innocent childhood for Stan but then digresses to a life full of drug dealing on the mean streets of Washington, DC, where he learned to grow-up quickly. At the age of nine, he learned how to use a gun, and then by the age of twelve, he began having sexual encounters with women twice his age. After battling the s
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A Convenient Catastrophe

At the heart of A Convenient Catastrophe is a mother that was laid to rest a long time ago. But her secrets were buried much deeper than she ever was.
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A Burglar of the Better Sort : Poems, Dramatic Works, Theoretical Writings

A Burglar of the Better Sort offers, in the English translation of Charles S. Kraszewski, the entirety of Czyzewski's surviving literary output, from surrealistic plays like Donkey and Sun in Metamorphosis and his inimitable 'formistic poems' through the playful Christmas 'pastorals'...
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A Journal of the Plague Year, and Other Plays and Adaptations

One of the country's most interesting and accomplished novelists widens his vision with this collection of plays and adaptations he wrote before turning to novels.
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A Boy Named Trout

In 1976, in the fields of Northern New Mexico's scrub grass and coyote fences, a twelve-year old boy named Trout searches for integrity in an increasingly volatile family that is free of moral inhibition. Trout takes it upon himself to protect his mute younger sister, Heaven, and seek out a better life for the two of them.
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A Comfort Breeze : A Drama-dy In Three Acts

In a shabby West Texas hotel in the summer of 1993, Joetta meets Audie, the baby she gave up for adoption 27 years ago. Life has not been kind to Joetta, but she's relieved to see Audie's obvious success. Far from being grateful, Audie's cold resentment puzzles and then angers Joetta, and she's disappointed their reunion is anything but rainbows and hugs she hoped. The two women verbally dance around the reality of each other's lives during one long sweltering afternoon of drinks, off-color sto
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34 Seconds

A young mother must reconcile with her past during a time when her decisions were made for her by her old lover in order to finally say goodbye to him for good.
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51 Shades of Chocolate

Buckle up its wild ride inside 51 shades of chocolate.
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A House of Pomegranates

A House of Pomegranates is a collection of fairy tales, written by Oscar Wilde, that was published as a second collection for The Happy Prince and Other Tales. Wilde once said that this collection was "intended neither for the British child nor the British public." The stories included in this collection are as follows: The Young King The Birthday of the Infanta The Fisherman and his Soul The Star-Child (
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"Top Girls"

At a restaurant party thrown by Marlene of the Top Girls Employment Agency are Isabella Bird, the 19th-century traveller, Lady Nijo, courtesan to a 13th-century Japanese Emperor, Brueghel's Dull Gret, Pope Joan and Patient Griselda, wife of Chaucer's Clerk.
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