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《诗经》情诗选译 Love Poems from Book of Songs : 爱情诗选系列01 Love Poems Series 01

A Selection of 44 poems featuring love from the "Book of Songs", the first collection of poetry from ancient China, is presented in this book, annotated and translated into vernacular, and recommended to lovers of classical poetry. We turn to every page of these poems today and feel the magic of love travel through time and space, just as they have touched and nurtured countless generations of ancestors, even though they were written between 2,600 and 3,100 years ago. It is evident that long-st
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100 Portuguese Short Stories for Beginners Learn Portuguese with Stories Including Audiobook

Brush up your Portuguese, grow your vocabulary and ignite your imagination with these 100 entertaining and culturally interesting Portuguese short stories! How is it possible to learn Portuguese easily and effortlessly by yourself? The most effective way to learn Portuguese is reading interesting Portuguese short stories. Learning Portuguese doesn't have to be boring and agonizing! This book contains 100 entertaining and interesting Portuguese short stories for beginners and intermediate le
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100 French Short Stories for Beginners Learn French with Stories Including Audiobook : (Easy French Edition Foreign Language Bilingual Book 1)

This story book includes 100 entertaining French short stories for beginners and intermediate learning level. It also includes access to an audio book in one MP3 file which contains the more extensive stories.
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100 Italian Short Stories for Beginners Learn Italian with Stories with Audio

This book contains 100 entertaining and interesting Italian short stories for beginners and intermediate learning level, it also comes with audio to compare the stories to the Italian voice.
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100 Children's Books : that inspire our world

From the author of 100 Books That Changed The World, a definitive survey of the most beloved, original, inspiring, hysterical, heart-warming, compelling, rude and downright scary books that have enchanted children the world over.
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!Pa'Que Tu Lo Sepas! : Stories to Benefit the People of Puerto Rico

!PA'QUE TU LO SEPAS! Latinx Fiction for Puerto Rico, edited by Angel Luis Colon.
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(Un)bound : Five Years of Asterisms, An Aster(ix) Anthology

Aster(ix) Journal's Winter 2018 Issue, (Un)bound: Five Years of Asterisms, collects our favorite writing from the Asterisms section of the online journal, writing that embodies the spirit of Aster(ix) five years into our extraordinary adventure.
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12 Days of Yiffmas

Happy howlidays and merry yiffmas from Red Ferret Press! This anthology contains twelve erotic furry tales for the holiday season, complete with illustrations and an accompanying music album (Links inside): On the twelfth day of yiffmas, this antho gives to you: Twelve puppers humping Eleven Krampus beatings Ten Bulfs a-frowning Nine brothers nuzzling Eight snow-wolves looming Seven singers howling Six reindeer coming Five necrophiles! Four chastity cages Three cat captains
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100 Spanish Short Stories for Beginners

This book contains 100 entertaining and culturally interesting Spanish short stories for beginners and intermediate Spanish learners. The audio contains 10 of the longer stories and is recorded in Castilian Spanish.
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15 Strange Tales of Crime and Mystery

A collection of mystery stories guaranteed to intrigue, frighten, amuse, and beguile.
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100 Lightnings

From iconic publisher Paroxysm Press comes a showcase volume of one hundred pieces of premium flash fiction crackling and flaring with imagination. This eclectic anthology serves up fictive goodness that ranges across the broad spectrum of genre fiction
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12 Parables

12 Parables is a collection of timeless Christian stories about the things all of us face in our spiritual walk -- doubt, fear, change, pride, grief, disappointment, and other issues that often make our lives so challenging. Using tight, entertaining prose, Wayne Faust manages to convey difficult concepts in a simple, straightforward way. You can read these stories over and over, to yourself, to your spouse and family, or in a group setting. They will stay with you for a long time because they
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