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Pottery, Mosaic and Glass Craft Books

Pottery, Mosaic and Glass Craft Books
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En Passant: Impressionism in Sculpture

Discover the sculptures of Impressionism and how they embody the movement's ideals.
R 1 313,25

Freud: Masters of Art

Get to know the master figurative painter Lucian Freud who depicted humanity with a poet's gaze and a perfectionist's eye for detail.
R 355,00

100 Ways to Draw a Bird and Make a Living from Illustration

While presenting one hundred ways to draw a bird, the author unveils the facets of life as an illustrator, in the hope that doing so will help to make everyday life as an illustrator a little simpler.
R 658,75

Get Up & Gouache : Unleash your creativity with 20 painting projects

Unleash your creativity and discover a new medium with 20 colourful gouache projects.
R 301,75 R 355,00

Egg Art : 50 Designs to Paint, Dye and Draw

50 beautiful and innovative designs to paint, dye and draw.
R 235,00

Eternal Light: The Sacred Stained-Glass Windows of Louis Comfort Tiffany

The first volume to focus exclusively on Tiffany's renowned ecclesiastical windows, and the ideas and stories behind them.
R 402,90 R 474,00

Botanical Illustration from Life : A Visual Guide to Observing, Drawing and Painting Plants

Observe, draw, paint, explore and master the art of botanical illustration. Award-winning botanical artist Isik Guner shares her passion for drawing and painting living plants from around the world. Her work is both artistically accomplished and scientifically accurate, and will inspire you to master the skills you need to produce your own botanical illustrations from life. Discover how to select, preserve and position your specimens. Develop your understanding of perspective and compos
R 385,00

Gouthiere's Candelabras

Offers fresh insight into two exquisite masterworks by Pierre Gouthiere (1732-1813), celebrated gilder to the French kings.
R 317,90 R 374,00

David Bellamy's Seas & Shorelines in Watercolour

Learn to paint the varied and dramatic coastlines of the world, with expert author David Bellamy.
R 208,25 R 245,00

Folk Embroidered Felt Birds : 20 Modern Folk Art Designs to Make & Embellish

20 beautiful folk embroidered felt birds to make and display.
R 246,50 R 290,00

Atmospheric Flowers in Watercolour : Painting with Energy and Life

In this beautiful book, best-selling author Jean Haines shows you how to breathe life into your flower paintings, and experience the pleasure that can be gained from the art of painting flowers.
R 545,00

Compendium of Drawing Techniques : 200 Tips and Techniques and Trade Secrets

An indispensable compendium packed with information on everything you need to know.
R 272,00 R 320,00