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Pottery, Mosaic and Glass Craft Books
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A Postcard for Floyd (Bilingual edition) : Blind Side

George Floyd is an African American who died during his arrest on 25 May 2020 when a policeman suffocated him by pressing his knee onto Floyd's neck for nine minutes to immobilize him. "I can't breathe..." Seeing those images, Giangiacomo Rocco di Torrepadula instinctively shot a candle deprived of its flame in a sequence of nine photographs, one for each of the nine minutes of the tragedy. With the hope of generating a collective reflection on the problem, the author sent postcards of one of
R 943,50

365 Days of Drawing Fun : Boost Creativity and Skill with Daily Step-by-Step Drawing Exercises

The ultimate guide on drawing for children! This kids' sketchbook provides you with 365 prompts to sketch every day throughout the entire year - creatures, items, cuisine, flora, automobiles, activities, celebrations, and much more. Each compact drawing tutorial is simplified into simple, sequential guidelines, allowing all aspiring young artists to produce a magnificent work of art. This publication is an ideal choice for children aged 9-12 and beyond, while art enthusiasts aged 6-8, displayin
R 611,16

A Canberra Nature Journal

Born out of my practice of writing scientific field notes, my nature journaling combines writing and drawing/painting to create visual and highly personal impressions of the world around us.
R 730,86

10 Step Watercolour: Flowers and Plants : Paint 25 Beautifully Detailed Flowers in 10 Easy Steps

Learn how to paint beautiful flowers and plants in watercolour using a simple 10-step process.
R 340,00

10 Step Watercolour: Birds : Paint 25 Exquisitely Detailed Birds in 10 Easy Steps

Learn how to paint beautiful birds in watercolour using a simple 10-step process.
R 340,00

101 Ways to Draw : A Field Guide to Drawing Mediums and Techniques

From soft pencils to graphite powder, ballpoint to fibre-tip pens, conte sticks to watercolour pencils, this unique guide covers everything you need to know to begin mastering and combining different media in your drawing. Use it as a reference for using a particular tool, or as a catalogue of inspiration when seeking new ideas to try.
R 360,00

10 Step Drawing: Everyday Things : Draw 60 Familiar Items in 10 Easy Steps

Turn simple shapes into beautiful everyday items in just ten steps. Create 60 different objects by following the step-by-step instructions.
R 260,00

3000 Color Mixing Recipes: Watercolor : The ultimate practical reference to watercolor mixes and dilutions

A practical and inspirational manual that shows you a huge range of color mixes in watercolor. Use the book as a handy reference when you want to know how to mix a specific color, or as a catalog of inspiration when seeking ideas to try in your work. The handy color viewing card included can be used to view each color swatch in isolation.
R 290,00

A Rebours - Against Nature

Meet Jean des Esseintes: reclusive, diseased, the last scion of an outmoded aristocratic family. He is also an unapologetic aesthete, prone to overwhelmingly intense sensory experiences in the presence of art. As he finds himself ever more enervated by the illness that consumes him, des Esseintes turns his back on wider society - a society he loathes - and retreats "upwards into dream, seeking refuge in illusions of extravagant fantasy." The result is a masterpiece of decadence, insanity, invec
R 413,12

A Beginner's Guide to Watercolour with Mixed Media : Inspirational Projects and Innovative Techniques

Take your artwork further with this lively, informative guide to combining traditional watercolour with other media.
R 295,00

A walk with Love and Death : The Parris Way

A collection of artwork and commentary on art, politics and the Parris Family.
R 875,31

A Collection Of Polymer Clay Masks

This amazing collection of polymer clay masks features many full sized (between 8 and 15 inches tall) masks made of polymer clay and also includes several hundred miniature masks that are sized to fit inside a three inch square. Masks of all sizes were created by a wide array of artists from around the world. The miniatures were made as part of annual Internet based "swaps" from 1998 to 2009. These fabulous works of wearable art utilize all sorts of techniques and can include other media like
R 879,79

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