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Friends Book of Lists : The Official Guide to All the Characters, Quotes, and Memorable Moments

Fans of Friends-and our successful publishing program with the brand -- will delight in this one-of-a-kind trivia book that explores the beloved, enduringly popular show through creative lists on the characters, quotable lines, sets, memorable moments, and more.
R 416,50

Advice from Strangers : Everything I know from people I don't know

Over the course of a year, comedian Rachel Parris asked members of her live audience for advice - and here's what she learned from a bunch of total strangers...
R 225,25

Dancing for Stalin : A True Story of Extraordinary Courage and Survival in the Soviet Gulag

The true story of one couple's fight for survival in Stalin's Russia: a famous ballerina, sent to the Gulag, and her husband, who found a way to save her against all odds.
R 221,00

Don't Think, Dear : On Loving and Leaving Ballet

Can ballet ever be reconciled with feminist ideals?
R 344,25

Clara & Olivia

Perfect twins. Perfect victims.
R 335,75 R 395,00

Sh*t Joe Rogan Says : An Unauthorized Collection of Quotes and Common Sense from the Man Who Talks to Everybody

Go the Joe Rogan way. Sh*t Joe Rogan Says is a book of motivation, inspiration, and reflections from the man who talks to everybody.
R 238,00

Friends Holiday Armadillo

This mini kit celebrates one of the most iconic moments from Friends-who can forget Ross dressing up as the holiday armadillo, Santa's half-Jewish Tex-Mex friend?
R 208,25 R 245,00

Friends: You're My Lobster : A Fill-In Book

Friends-the beloved sitcom that went off the air 16 years ago only to become a streaming phenomenon-is as popular as ever. Our second fill-in book (The One About You has grossed 22K) with the franchise focuses on romantic relationships and is perfect for the show's passionate fan base, both new and old.
R 191,25 R 225,00

Pundamentalist : 1,000 jokes you probably haven't heard before

The first collection of hilarious jokes from Gary Delaney, award-winning comedian and star of Mock the Week, Live at the Apollo and House of Games
R 204,00 R 240,00

Pivot : A story of dropping the ball, picking it up again, and turning things around.

A story of dropping the ball, picking it back up, and turning things around.
R 301,75 R 355,00

Misbehaving : Stories of protest against the Miss World contest and the beauty industry

Misbehaving gives us the story of the protesters against Miss World Contest in the words of the rebels themselves. Through the wonderful diversity of their personal and political life stories it does something more. By chronicling the influences that led them to take action, it vividly reveals
R 375,00

And Then Mama Said ...

Tumi Morake modelled her public persona on her mother, a charming and contentious woman who used her big, bold voice to say what others were afraid to utter. It’s the personality that Tumi took on stage in the mostly male space of stand-up comedy.
R 260,00

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