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Accidentally Wes Anderson Postcards

An irresistible postcard set for fans of the New York Times bestselling Accidentally Wes Anderson book and lovers of Wes Anderson's unique aesthetic.
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(8) Rocco Goes to Italy : Mommy's Helper

Rocco is a little 5 year old boy with a lot of imagination and wit. I wanted to do a series of children's books on little Rocco and his adventures in Italy. Rocco will be there for two years. Rocco is my grandson, and I talk to him regularly on Skype. When they are in Rome and now that they are back in Canada for a few years, they are living with their Nonna, and it is the best joy imaginable.
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A View from the Ivories

Step Behind The Curtain A View from the Ivories offers what few are able to obtain, an intimate look behind the curtain at some of the most prominent people in current history. With the piano as a trusted companion and metaphor, David Carlin King brings the reader down to the footlights, revealing the humanness in all of us-illustrating our commonalities rather than our differences. From humble beginnings, comes a memoir that follows a man on a mission to share his love of music with the
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A Sister's Warm Heart : 暖心姐姐:电影剧本集

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50 Things Better Than Sex

The concept of "50 Things That are Better Than Sex" has been an open tab on my computer for around a year and a half. It was originally an inside joke with my friends when watching a football game and was the exact premise around #3 Pounding It Up the Middle (basically three straight run plays for a first down). I remember jumping out of my seat and just saying for whatever reason "I guarantee you that's better than sex" which got quite the laugh out of my friends. I had always written sometime
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Aaliyah & Troy : : A Feature Film Script About Love, Poetry & PTSD

This story is about Troy, a lone wolf military veteran suffering from PTSD. He discovers himself in a community of spoken word artists via Aaliyah. Aaliyah, a single mom becomes Troy's love interest, but her complicated relationship with her daughter's father threatens to push Troy over the edge.
R 208,64

A Dancer in Depth

Stanley Howard Mazin has been in show business since 1963. He has performed as well as acted in several Broadway shows, as well as 10 1/2 years on The Carol Burnett Show, plus many films including e Blue Brothers, Newsies, Mame, e Wedding Planner, e Back Up Plan, Dracula. Dead and Loving It, e History of the World, Part 1, and Titanic. The many sitcoms and TV shows include e George Carlin Show, Flying Blind, Mama's Family, Many Academy Award Shows, The Tonys, e Emmys, The Teen Choice A
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#GirlLikeYou : How to Format Your Script, Play, Musical, Novel or Poetry and Self-Publish to eBook and Paperback

Mirror-me Tech: Take new heart, while self-publishing your book will be a technical process, you do not need to be an academic or a HTML programmer. I've done the hard work, so you don't have to. By the time you turn the final page of this manual, you will be able to say, "I did it. You can too!"
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'80s Action Movies on the Cheap : 300 Low Budget, High Impact Pictures

Providing detailed commentary on more than 300 films, this book explores the excitement, audacity and sheer weirdness of `80s low budget action cinema, from the American Ninja series to dime-a-dozen barbarian pictures to such bargain-basement productions as The Courier of Death, Kill Squad and Samurai Cop.
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A Righteously Awesome Eighties Christmas : Festive Cinema of the 1980s

A survey of Christmas film-making throughout the 1980s, including a detailed synopsis and in-depth analysis of every movie under discussion. From the most famous films of the period through to some of the most obscure, the book covers many subgenres of Christmas cinema including comedy, drama, horror, romance and fantasy.
R 621,42

A Thinking Girl's Guide to Sexual Identity (Vol. 1, Lipstick and War Crimes Series) : Navigating Heartbreak, Survival, and the Media Matrix

A Thinking Girl's Guide to Sexual Identity is the student edition of Vol. 1 of the Lipstick and War Crimes Series by Ray Songtree and introduces us to the mind boggling reality of gender sculpting, using some of the female icons of the last 70 years. From Gloria Steinem to Miley Cyrus, we discover who was behind the creation of our values and why.
R 691,32

A Weekly Dose of Ritallin

A Weekly Dose of Ritallin is a curated selection of Greg Frankson's original works as presented over two years on Here and Now Toronto. The A Weekly Dose of Ritallin segment cracked open Toronto with soulfully intelligent, locally invested and soc...
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