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In Pieces

The intimate and inspiring memoir from Academy Award-winning actor Sally Field.
R 182,75

Never Grow Up

A candid, honest memoir from one of the most recognisable, influential, and beloved cinematic personalities in the world.
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Dynamic Dames : 50 Leading Ladies Who Made History

Dynamic Damescelebrates 50 of the most empowering female characters ever to grace the screen, as well as the women who brought them to vibrant life.
R 344,25 R 405,00

Howard Stern Comes Again

Over his unrivalled four-decade career in radio, Howard Stern has interviewed thousands of personalities-discussing sex, relationships, money, fame, spirituality, and success with the boldest of bold-faced names. But which interviews are his favourites? It's one of the questions he gets asked most frequently. Howard Stern Comes Again delivers his answer.
R 252,88 R 297,50

Alien Covenant: David's Drawings

Delve into this exclusive Alien Covenant collection, containing two books, to gain an insight into David's descent into madness. Packed over two hundred illustrations and an interview with Dane Hallett and Matt Hatton, the artists from the set.
R 688,50 R 810,00

Fight Club : A BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation

Together with Tyler Durden - part-time projectionist, banquet waiter, soap-maker and anarchic genius - he creates Fight Club, where he and men like him can get away from their work-dominated, consumer-driven, image-obsessed lives.
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10 Blank Cards and 10 Lined Envelopes

Synopsis coming soon.......
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Rapid fire

What is the origin of the word ‘bluetooth’? How do you have sex in space? When walking round Rondebosch Common, why is it wise not to go widdershins? These are a few of the Rapid Fire questions put to John Maytham by CapeTalk listeners on his show. Take a tour of the oddest, arcane & most surprising questions – and be tickled by the answers.
R 212,00 R 265,00

Presenting on TV and Radio: An Insider's Guide

Intended for aspiring radio and TV presenters, this work contains illustrations, exercises and insider tips for improving presentation skills. It explains basics such as appearance, body language, diction, among others. It also covers a range of presentation styles from hard news and sport to light entertainment, DJ'ing, and children's programmes.
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A Zulu song book (1911)

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