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I Am C-3PO : The Inside Story

"Gloriously witty, keen and spirited" J.J. Abrams, Director of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker "The odds of me ever writing a book were approximately... Oh, never mind. My golden companion worries about such things - I don't. I have indeed now written a book - telling my story, in my voice, not his - recognising that our voices and our stories are inextricably intertwined." When Star Wars burst on to the big screen in 1977, an unfailingly polite golden droid called C-3PO captured imaginatio
R 320,00

I'll Be There For You : The Ultimate Book for Friends Fans Everywhere

`Funny, enlightening and incredibly well-researched' Emerald Street What is it about Friends that makes such comforting viewing? Has it stood the test of time?
R 157,25 R 185,00

Home Work : A Memoir of My Hollywood Years

The second volume of beloved actress Julie Andrews' memoirs: Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music and her enduring career in Hollywood.
R 276,25 R 325,00

Hollywood Wants to Kill You : The Peculiar Science of Death in the Movies

The hilarious new popular science book from the bestselling authors of the Sunday Times Book of the Year Science(ish)
R 246,50 R 290,00

Elvis Through the Ages : Images from the Hollywood Photo Archive

From the beginning of his career to his death as the Hollywood icon Elvis Presley sang and enchanted thousands of people. Publicity photos and behind-the-scenes shots from the Hollywood Photo Archives include scores of long been forgotten or abandoned images in neglected studio archives.
R 314,50 R 370,00

Howard Hughes and the Creation of Modern Hollywood

Howard Hughes was an industrialist, aviator, and eccentric, but he was also the most important movie producer during the golden age of Hollywood. At a time when filmmaking was tightly controlled and highly formulaic, Hughes used his enormous wealth to challenge and transform the conventions that defined the motion picture industry.
R 531,25 R 625,00

Beyond the Thirty-Nine Steps : A Life of John Buchan

John Buchan's name is known across the world for The Thirty-Nine Steps. In the past hundred years the classic thriller has never been out of print and has inspired numerous adaptations for film, television, radio and stage, beginning with the celebrated version by Alfred Hitchcock. Yet there was vastly more to `JB'. He wrote more than a hundred books - fiction and non-fiction - and a thousand articles for newspapers and magazines. He was a scholar, antiquarian, barrister, colonial administrat
R 578,00 R 680,00

David Lynch: Someone Is in My House

Featuring rarely seen multimedia works by the revered cult filmmaker David Lynch, this revelatory book shows how he applies his powerful imagination and visual language across genres.
R 1 100,00

Living With The Gods : The BBC Radio 4 series

A 30-part landmark series for BBC Radio 4, written and presented by Neil MacGregor'The new blockbuster by the museums maestro Neil MacGregor ...
R 429,25 R 505,00

Complete Guide to Special Effects Makeup

Offers coverage ranging from basic facial makeup styles, and simple scars and gashes, to masks, molds and cast-making: the information you need to know to create vampires, zombies and other fantastical characters.
R 335,75 R 395,00

Home : A Memoir of My Early Years

The heroine of MARY POPPINS and THE SOUND OF MUSIC tells her life story from the music halls of London to Broadway stardom.
R 165,75 R 195,00