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A Book on Books : Celebrating the art of book design today

From scrolls and sheets of papyrus to elaborate and expensive codices to the mass press-printed volumes as we know them today, books have come a long way since writing was first developed. Although digital technology has impacted how we consume information over the last few decades, book design has survived as a means of showcasing creativity and craftsmanship, as books remain important sources of inspiration, knowledge, and entertainment. A Book on Books showcases some of the best book design
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About Time - Fashion and Duration

Traces fashions from 1870 to the present along a conceptual, disruptive, and nontraditional timeline of fashion history
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Alexander McQueen : Fashion Visionary

The book charts the designer's rise to fashion royalty.
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Becoming a Successful Graphic Designer

As students prepare to enter the world of work, there are many decisions that they need to make about what type of career they want: Freelancing? Working in a design agency? Setting up their own business? They also need the practical advice about how to work with clients, how to organize themselves, billing, etc. Through interviews with people at all levels of design, the author provides down to earth and straight forward information that is relevant to today's students looking to start a
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Alexander McQueen : Redefining Beauty

"Alexander McQueen - Redefining Beauty" is magnificently adorned with some of Lee Alexander McQueen's most riveting designs, and the narrative illuminates the personal and professional struggles of a man who dared to defy accepted norms in the cavernous halls of fashion and give the world a new sense of the grandeur of which human creativity is capable. From conflicted gay teenager, aggressive and remote young man, through to his lonely suicide, the book charts Alexander McQueen's ascent to cout
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Basics Graphic Design Box Set

Packed with inspiring case studies and interviews with leading designers, the Basics Graphic Design Box Set provides students with the vital tools and knowledge needed to excel in their course.
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Basics Design 01: Format

Suitable for visual arts students, this title provides them a theoretical and practical exploration of each of the fundamental topics within the discipline of Graphic Design. It demonstrates how a creative approach to format selection and presentation space can produce dramatic results in both print and digital media.
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Basics Fashion Management 01: Fashion Merchandising

Suitable at fashion merchandising, buying and business undergraduates, this handbook offers an overview of the fashion and retailing sector. It provides contextual information and an exploration of the evolution of the industry over the years. It highlights the skills and considerations needed to manage products.
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Basics Design 02: Layout 2nd Edition

Introduces the fundamentals of layout within the field of graphic design. This title provides a guide to the effective arrangement of text and image elements within a design scheme, enabling students to learn how to create powerful forms of visual communication in both print and electronic media.
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Basics Fashion Design 05: Fashion Drawing

Offers a perspective on the basic principles and practices of contemporary drawing styles, applied to a fashion context. The title follows a practical approach in describing the process of fashion drawing, offering advice on the selection of materials and media, through to their different uses and applications.
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A Level Design and Technology for Edexcel: Product Design: Graphic Products

Supporting the Edexcel specification, this title offers exam tips, practice questions and sample answers with comments that give students the confidence to tackle all the questions that come up in the exam. It includes classroom activities with structured guidance that helps save teachers time.
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Basics Design: Print and Finish

An introduction to a variety of printing and finishing techniques for any graphic design project. Now updated to include studio interviews and student activities.
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