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Berend Strik : Deciphering the Artist's Mind

An exploration of recent work by the award-winning Dutch visual artist Berend Strik
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A Balthus Notebook

In his 1989 book on Balthus-the storied and controversial artist who worked in Paris throughout the twentieth century-Guy Davenport gives one of the most nuanced, literary, and compelling readings of the work of this master. Reading it today highlights the change in perspectives on sexuality and nudity in art in the past thirty years. Written over several years in his notebooks, Davenport's distinct reflections on Balthus's paintings try to explain why his work is so radical, and why it has so
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Christiane Loehr (bilingual edition)

Delicate, nearly ephemeral structures, organic shapes, and restrained colors-the works of Christiane Loehr do not force themselves upon viewers. Nevertheless, they immediately capture the eye. For her sculptures and installations Loehr uses only natural materials. Blades of grass, plant stems, blossoms, seeds, and even horsehair are arranged into multilayered, fragile objects. For viewers, perception becomes a careful sort of exploration that tries to maintain the frangibility and magic of the
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Dick Bruna

A fascinating introduction to the art and techniques of the illustrator who, in Miffy, 'created one of the most recognizable characters in the world' (The New York Times).
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BP Portrait Award 2020

TheBP Portrait Award, now in its thirty-firstyear, is one of Britain's most prestigious art prizes, and is the leading showcase for artists throughout the world specialising in portraiture. In 2018more than 270,000people visited the exhibitionbased on the competition open to all artists aged eighteen and over from around the world. The cataloguepresentsaround forty-eight works from an international list of artists, which together display a diverse range of styles and painterly techniques.
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199 Flags

"Journey around the world in 199 flags! Whether a national flag features vertical stripes or horizontal ones, two colors or more, symbols drawn from nature or from history-each detail of its design is intentional and loaded with meaning. Learn to decode the symbols and interpret shapes for yourself as you flip through the colorful pages of this rich visual guide"--
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Alfons Mucha

At the beginning of the twentieth century, when Alfons Mucha went to the United States for four years as a lecturer, the world-famous poster designer, Art-Nouveau book illustrator, designer, photographer and painter was greeted with enthusiasm. Mucha is regarded as one of the most important representatives of Jugendstil; he knew how to move between the various genres more skilfully than virtually any other artist of his day. After training as a stage decorator in Vienna, Mucha travelled via Mu
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Andrew Stevovich : Beyond the Figure

Fifty years of "essential" painting by the Austrian-born American figurative painter (1948). Andrew Stevovich is a deceptive painter. His figures flattened, his interest is focused on the line that defines them. He rarely concedes to conventional tools like shading to express volume. The figures'inner states seem equally reticent. The repetitiveness of their forms seem to be decorative intent. Their apparent stillness has the same effect. We think we have identified a vocabulary of form, and h
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Acrylic : Do More Art

Acrylic is the second book in the popular 'Do More Art' series, which explores the myriad creative possibilities of working with acrylic. Fans of this artistic powerhouse will discover everything from basic painting techniques to more creative applications, such as pouring, marbling and working with acrylic spray paint and markers. Examples by some of the world's greatest contemporary artists will demonstrate many of the techniques and ideas, providing plenty of creative inspiration. With its
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Anatomy for the Artist

Unlock your inner artist and learn how to draw the human body in this beautifully illustrated art book by celebrated artist and teacher Sarah Simblet. This visually striking guide takes a fresh approach to drawing the human body. A combination of innovative photography and drawings, practical life-drawing lessons, and in-depth explorations of the body's surface and underlying structure are used to reveal and celebrate the human form. Combining specially-commissioned photographs of models with
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Abstract Acrylics : New Approaches to Painting Nature Using Acrylics with Mixed Media

'There's plenty to see, do and think about here and this is a book that will do a lot more than instruct. It'll open your eyes and who knows what you'll see?' Paint Magazine Learn how to combine acrylics with mixed-media techniques to create 27 expressive, abstract paintings inspired by nature.
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Bob Ross: A Journal : "Don't be afraid to go out on a limb, because that's where the fruit is"

Bob Ross--whose happy paintings, hairstyle, and catchphrases never cease to delight--is still as popular as ever with Millennials and fans of all ages. Part of a successful and growing Bob Ross program for RP, this unique journal captures the artist's matchless appeal.
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