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A Treatise on Civil Architecture

Sir William Chambers (1722-96) was a Swedish-British architect with an unusual track record. He designed imaginative castle buildings and luxurious interiors as well as simple and rational utilitarian architecture. After growing up in Sweden, he worked mostly in England, where he became a favorite of King George III. But throughout his life he emphasized his Swedish background and also designed buildings in Sweden. A Treatise on Civil Architecture is a handbook in architecture, where Chambers w
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"Dear Mr. G."- The biography of Clark Gable

"Dear Mr. G.-" The Biography of Clark Gable is a detailed and intimate look at the life and career of one of Hollywood's most iconic leading men. Written by Jean Garceau, the book delves into the complex and often private world of Clark Gable, exploring his childhood, his rise to fame, his personal relationships, and his enduring legacy. The book begins with Gable's early years in Ohio, where he grew up in poverty and struggled to make a name for himself in the film industry. It follows his
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About Architecture : An Essential Guide in 55 Buildings

Hugh Pearman deftly guides us through the compelling stories of 55 buildings that explain our world, from antiquity to the present day
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A Critical Analysis of the Indian Smart Cities Mission

Smart cities are seen as the new way of securing sustainable urban development to address pressing issues of global urbanization. Sustainability is still often conceived through an environmental lens, yet any change in the built environment has implications for the social dimension of sustainability. Social sustainability is a dynamic concept that combines design of the physical realm with the design of the social world and promotes infrastructure to support social needs and concerns. While sma
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A Cultural Perspective of the Ancient Rock Paintings

A cultural perspective is viewing a situation or concept through the eyes of an individual's native environmental and social influence. It is the influence that a culture and society has on a person's worldview and perspective.
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A Senior Smart House : The Home That Cares for You

Have trouble turning on water faucets? Use smart plumbing fixtures that turn on by sensing your hand. The water cools and warms the same way. Take your hand away, and the water turns off. Is it difficult to turn the key to your home? Why not try a programmable digital door opener use your iPad from a distance and open it by the program. The iPad can also turn on and off the lights as well as the heat and cooling system. When you're away from home, security cameras inside and outside can be view
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A Fatal Feast

"Not only will cozy readers be dazzled by the luxury homes, rare antiques, and killer cuisine in the Hamptons Home & Garden mysteries, but they'll also find a new favorite sleuth in interior designer Meg Barrett." -Ellery Adams, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Tensions are high on the eve of the grand opening of Prive, an exclusive gourmet dining club that interior designer Meg Barrett played a large part in decorating. With just the well-heeled owners, the kitchen staff, and Me
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12 Houses in Bangkok by archimontage

Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated: is a small atelier located in Nonthaburi, Bangkok. Founded in 2007 by Cherngchai Riawruangsangkul, it specializes in architectural design, interior design, and related fields for small and medium-sized residences in metropolitan areas. The practice is driven by discovering design alternatives and conducting interdisciplinary experiments to find new, unique and innovative design methods. Going beyond conventional techniques and solutions, the office see
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101 Things I Didn't Learn In Architecture School : And wish I had known before my first job

An essential resource for students and graduates of architecture. This book offers 101 succinct lessons about construction basics, the business of architecture, and personal development. Readers understand concepts through 24 simple diagrams and friendly language that assumes no prior learning.
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A+ArchDesign : Istanbul Aydın University International Journal of Architecture and Design

The international journal of A+ Arch Design is expecting manuscripts worldwide; reporting on original theoretical and/or experimental work and tutorial expositions of permanent reference value are welcome. Proposals can be focused on new and timely research topics and innovative issues for sharing knowledge and experiences in the fields of Architecture--Interior Design, Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture, Industrial Design, Civil Engineering--Sciences. A+ Arch Design is an international
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5'2 GIANT, Builder of Dreams : One Ordinary Man Who Changed the World

In 5'2" Giant, Builder of Dreams, author Rita Mayell traces God's orchestration of the events of her father's life, including his mistakes and failures, to accomplish His purpose. This is the unlikely journey of a little giant who dared to believe God and dream big, and who God used to help change the world.
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A place called home : Environmental issues and low cost housing

Quality of life, a healthy environment and sound development are closely linked. By considering environmental factors at all stages of the planning, design and development process, living conditions in settlements and housing programmes can be significantly improved.
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