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The Arts
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A Blue Idyll : Cyanotypes and Dreams

For over two decades visual artist and historian Brenton Hamilton has created a sustained body of work, mostly concentrated within the historic processes employing nineteenth century photography techniques, no longer commercially available. Hamilton has produced a unique body of work using methodologies like gum bichromateforms, platinum, and collodion ambrotypes on black glass, French variants of paper calotypeand of course the embellished cyanotype. Influenced by the Surrealist motifs; coaxi
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A Book on Books : Celebrating the art of book design today

From scrolls and sheets of papyrus to elaborate and expensive codices to the mass press-printed volumes as we know them today, books have come a long way since writing was first developed. Although digital technology has impacted how we consume information over the last few decades, book design has survived as a means of showcasing creativity and craftsmanship, as books remain important sources of inspiration, knowledge, and entertainment. A Book on Books showcases some of the best book design
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20 Bald Men

I drew all these in bed one morning. I'm not sure why I chose this kind of person, but once again the interest for me is the variations on a fixed set of features (bald head, spectacles, moustache). In recent years I have found myself working increasingly in sequences of drawings which explore subjects and techniques which interest me. These sequences are the origins of the QB Papers; they vary in approach and tone, and between reality and fantasy. But I hope that in each of them in its own w
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A Balthus Notebook

In his 1989 book on Balthus-the storied and controversial artist who worked in Paris throughout the twentieth century-Guy Davenport gives one of the most nuanced, literary, and compelling readings of the work of this master. Reading it today highlights the change in perspectives on sexuality and nudity in art in the past thirty years. Written over several years in his notebooks, Davenport's distinct reflections on Balthus's paintings try to explain why his work is so radical, and why it has so
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199 Flags

"Journey around the world in 199 flags! Whether a national flag features vertical stripes or horizontal ones, two colors or more, symbols drawn from nature or from history-each detail of its design is intentional and loaded with meaning. Learn to decode the symbols and interpret shapes for yourself as you flip through the colorful pages of this rich visual guide"--
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A Child of the Century

"Ben Hecht's critically acclaimed autobiographical memoir, first published in 1954, offers incomparably pungent evocations of Chicago in the 1910s and 1920s, Hollywood in the 1930s, and New York during the Second World War and after"--
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1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die : Updated for 2019 the bestselling film gift book

The best-selling and essential movie reference book fully revised and updated for 2019.
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50 Years of Glastonbury : Music and Mud at the Ultimate Festival

A complete and definitive visual history of Glastonbury, the world's most famous music festival, released in time to commemorate its 50th anniversary in 2020.
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1918 : The Decisive Year in Soldiers' own Words and Photographs

Published to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Armistice.
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A Complete Guide to Special Effects Makeup: Introduction to Fantasy and Zombie Makeups: Volume 2

The acclaimed follow-up to one of the most widely heralded special effects makeup tutorial books ever published. A Complete Guide to Special Effects Makeup Volume 2 incorporates a variety of supernatural and sci-fi character and creature designs, from zombies to dark fantasy.
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100 Ways to Win a Tenner : Simple Tricks to Fool your Friends and Beat the Odds

A comprehensive guide to scams and swindles that are certain to make you a winner every time.
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150 Best Tiny Home Ideas

A lavish, full-color guidebook showcasing the most up-to-date innovations and latest trends in efficient and successful small space design. Packed with detailed color photographs, comprehensive layout illustrations, and essential information, 150 Best Tiny Homes is the ideal solution for making the most of small living spaces-homes between 500 and 800 square feet-common to contemporary urban environments. Inside you'll find 150 homes from around the world-each a model of efficiency and an insp
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