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The Secret Surfer

An alternative travel book about the author's quest to achieve his surfing dream before it's too late.
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The Sailing Bible : The Complete Guide for All Sailors from Novice to Experienced Skipper 2nd edition

The Sailing Bible is the complete, hands-on manual packed with detailed step-by-step diagrams, lively action photos, and helpful advice on getting the most out of your sailing at whatever level. Whether you are a dinghy or yacht sailor just learning the basics or wanting tips on sailing with the best, this is the book that will give you all the answers you are looking for. It's all in here! -What type of dinghy or yacht? -Cruising and racing -Launching, helming and capsizing
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Surf Travel: The Complete Guide

Surf Travel is an illustrated guide to the planet's most thrilling surf destinations. From classic surf destinations like Hawaii to less well known areas like Madagascar, the best breaks in each region are described by a team of experienced travelers with all the inside info. Packed with stunning photos, practical advice and up-to-date information, Surf Travel is the essential travel guide for surfers of all ages and abilities.
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The Swimmer's Workout Handbook : Improve Fitness with 100 Swimming Workouts and Drills

The Swimmer's Workout Handbook is the comprehensive guide to fulfilling your fitness goals through swimming. The best program combines consistent endurance and strength training with sport-specific skill training, and The Swimmer's Workout Handbook approach emphasises this and more. The workout programs target specific goals such as swimming for fitness or training in open water and provides easy-to-follow programs divided weekly and by level. Training tips and expert notes are included, as well
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Each River is unique, winding a course through a valley of its own making. But at a confluence rivers meet, each taking on the strength of the other as they join forces and head towards the sea. Confluence tells the story of Piers Cruickshanks and Siseko Ntondini, two men from different backgrounds who formed an unlikely partnership.
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Mud, sweat and gears : South Africa's toughest and most scenic endurance sporting events

South Africa`s Toughest and Most Scenic Endurance Sporting Events, profiles 40 of the country`s toughest, unique, iconic and most scenic trail runs, marathons, swimming, off-shore and trans ocean sailing, canoeing, surf skiing, cycling, mountain biking, off-road motorcycling, off-shore ridged hull and multi-sports events.
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Stoked! Is an inspiring true story about courage, determination and the power of dreams. Chris Bertish was a skinny little kid from Cape Town when he started surfing with his brothers. Fiercely driven and constantly pushing his boundaries, Chris was not content with conquering ‘ordinary’ big waves.
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Longboard Travel Guide : A Guide to the World's 100 Best Longboarding Waves

Loaded with photos, this title describes 100 of the best longboard waves in the world and offers insider tips on how to ride them. From the Maldives to Australia's Gold Coast, from Costa Rica to Fiji, from Samoa to Sri Lanka, it covers every aspect of surf travel for longboarders: where to go, where to stay, and what gear to take.
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The eighth summit

What does it take to row 5,500km across an Ocean? Or to trek 500 miles through Antarctica? How do we achieve incredible things? Peter van Kets has done this and more - and yet he could be the average guy next door. A teacher in East London with a fondness for the ocean, Peter was given a rare chance to compete in the 2007 Atlantic Rowing Race.
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Up the Creek : An Amazon Adventure

Up the Creek - Holiday reads and travel literature describing John Harrison's Amazon adventure, canoeing up a remote tributary to Brazil's Jari River. The book follows the author's desire to reach the upper limits of the Jari and across the border to French Guiana, describing Amazonian wildlife, bouts of sickness and unexpected encounters.
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No Limits : The Will to Succeed

Fresh from his triumphant and extraordinary achievement at the Olympic Games in Beijing, Michael Phelps shows us the secrets to his remarkable success
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Surf Girl Fitness Handbook

Wish you could catch more waves when you go surfing? Wish you could surf for 90 minutes or more each session? Wish you could improve the power of your manoeuvres and really throw some spray? "The Surf Girl Fitness Handbook" is a new book aimed at girl surfers of all ages and abilities, from beginner to pro. Illustrated with step-by-step exercises and packed with tips and advice, the book offers a complete training program which will increase your fitness, power and endurance for surfing. Using t
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