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Combat Sports
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Coach Education Essentials

In Coach Education Essentials, renowned coach educators and professionals present the key elements of quality coaching and how to cultivate it. This resource is for everyone invested in advancing the abilities and actions of coaches through effective educational and developmental experiences.
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Berkmann's Cricketing Miscellany

Marcus Berkmann is the definitive writer of cricketing humour.
R 276,25

Arabia : A Journey Through The Heart of the Middle East

The award-winning TV adventurer and travel writer's enthralling account of his 5,000-mile expedition around the Arabian Peninsula, from Iraq to Lebanon.
R 182,75

I'm Sorry, I Love You: A History of Professional Wrestling

A rip-roaring ride through the history of pro-wrestling from comedian and PROGRESS founder Jim Smallman
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WWE SmackDown 20 Years and Counting

This action-packed anniversary edition covers 20 years of WWE's popular blue brand-SmackDown. Spectacular full-colour photographs from WWE's own archive capture the most unforgettable moments, both in the ring and behind-the-scenes.

Key matches are explored in depth: relive the moment when Triple H and Shawn Michaels double-crossed The Rock for the WWE Championship, John Cena's rivalry with Undertaker, Rey Mysterio's awe-inspiring debut, and Stone Cold Steve Austin's disastrous run-in w
R 327,25 R 385,00

Win or Learn: Mma, Conor Mcgregor and Me: A Trainer's Journey

Conor McGregor's trainer tells the amazing story of his long road to success in the world's fastest-growing sport

Growing up in Dublin, John Kavanagh was a skinny lad who was frequently bullied. As a young man, after suffering a bad beating when he intervened to help a woman who was being attacked, he decided he had to learn to defend himself. Before long, he was training fighters in a tiny shed, and promoting the earliest mixed-martial arts events in Ireland. And then, a cocky kid call
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The Art Of Peace

The "counterpoint" to The Art of War--an inspiring collection of sayings and teachings on the peaceful resolution of conflict. Unlike other popular Eastern philosophies which accept the inevitability of violence as a means to victory--such as Musashi's Book of Five Rings--Aikido fosters fearlessness, wisdom, and compassion and is based on the universal principles of harmony and love of life.
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WWE The Attitude Era

Includes a Stone Cold Steve Austin skull bottle opener. In this book, you can find out everything you ever wanted to know about one of wrestling's most controversial and iconic periods - WWE Attitude Era. From Stone Cold Steve Austin to Kurt Angle, it lets you discover the moments and moves that catapulted these wrestlers to stardom.
R 344,25 R 405,00

Tai Chi Qigong : The Internal Foundation of Tai Chi Chuan

Tali Chi Qigong is a foundation for good tai chi practice. This title is presened in an easy-to-follow layout. It includes with every movement large photographs and clear instructions, followed by a discussion of how the movements aid in improving Tai Chi practice. It is also popular with people who only want to obtain the health benefits.
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How to Punch

There are many different methods that can be used to fight unarmed, but each has its own strengths and weaknesses. The Self Defence series simplifies the subject for the reader, How to Punch focusing solely on the varieties of punches that can be performed in unarmed combat.
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Complete Conditioning for Rugby

Since the dawn of professional rugby, players have become increasingly bigger, faster and stronger. This book gives players and coaches the advice they need to keep pace with changes in the game by improving individual and team speed, power, strength, agility and endurance.
R 450,00

The Soul Of A Butterfly

Now, working tirelessly as a worldwide ambassador for peace, he talks of the damage caused when religion is used to tear people apart, the essential need for unity in this troubled world, and how his faith sustains him on this, the most important journey of his life - the journey to forgiveness and peace.
R 182,75 R 215,00