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Extraordinary Insects : Weird. Wonderful. Indispensable. the Ones Who Run Our World.

*The Sunday Times Bestseller* 'Extraordinary Insects is a joy' The Times A Sunday Times Nature Book of the Year 2019 A journey into the weird, wonderful and truly astonishing lives of the small but mighty creatures we can't live without. Insects influence our ecosystem like a ripple effect on water. They arrived when life first moved to dry land, they preceded - and survived - the dinosaur
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Field Guide to Butterflies of South Africa

Fully revised, the new edition of Steve Woodhall’s lavishly illustrated Field Guide to Butterflies of South Africa features all of South Africa’s 671 butterfly species. This popular field guide now includes 11 new species and incorporates the most recent taxonomic changes based on DNA studies.
R 400,00

Everybody Died, So I Got a Dog : 'Will make you laugh, cry and stroke your dog (or any dog)' -Sarah Millican

The funny, heart-breaking, wonderfully told story of love, family and overwhelming loss which led one woman to find hope and healing in the dog she always wanted.
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Eight Master Lessons of Nature

For too long we have set ourselves apart from nature, seeing ourselves as superior, removed, independent.
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Dogstrology : Unlock the Secrets of the Stars with Dogs

A cute, light-hearted and funny guide to horoscopes illustrated with adorable dog photos
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Dog Poems

To Flush, My Dog Loving friend, the gift of one, Who, her own true faith, hath run, Through thy lower nature; Be my benediction said With my hand upon thy head, Gentle fellow-creature ... -Elizabeth Barrett Browning Since prehistory, dogs have served as man's best friend, giving us loyalty, assistance and boundless inspiration. Dogs offer comfort and amusement to their owners; they provide solace when we're sad, entertaining antics when we're bored and affection every day. To poets in parti
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Don't Look Behind You! : True Tales of a Safari Guide

A top safari guide tells more hair-raising true stories about safari life in South Africa's famous Kruger National Park and in Botswana's Okavango Delta.
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Expedition : Adventures into Undiscovered Worlds

Shine a light into the unknownThere are still dark corners of our planet that are yet to be explored. Each location brings its own epic challenges - whether it's the first climb of an arctic ice fall in Greenland, the first recorded navigation of a South American river, or the first exploration of the world's longest cave system in Mexico.
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Field Guide to Frogs & Other Amphibians of Africa

815 species of amphibian have been described on the African continent - 788 frogs, 23 caecilians and four salamanders. Field Guide to the Frogs & other Amphibians of Africa is the first guide ever to cover all these species.
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Field Guide to Fynbos

Showcasing the most common and showy flowers
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Do It Yourself Bushcraft : A Book of the Big Outdoors

Originally published a century ago, this engagingly written, charmingly illustrated camping guide forms an atmospheric reminder of a simpler time as well as a source of timeless advice on fishing, trapping, and outdoor life.
R 208,25 R 245,00

Fauna Und Flora Im Sudlichen Africa : Ein Handbook Fur Die Tier- Und Pflanzenwelt Der Region

Published for the first time in German, this is the first local field guide to cover all the commonly encountered plants and animals of the southern African region in one compact and easy-to-use volume. More than 2 000 species (1 200 of them illustrated)
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