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Pets & Domestic Animal Books
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My Dog's First Year : A journal

'The journey of life is sweeter when travelled with a dog' From the first magical walk in the park together, to your pooch's hilarious misadventures and mishaps, this book offers you prompts and cues to record that first wonderful year together, whether you have just welcomed a new puppy into your home or adopted an older dog.
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My Cat's First Year : A Journal

Whether you have just welcomed a new kitten into your home, or adopted an older cat, My Cat's First Year is your special keepsake to record this magical memory and many more, from their hilarious misadventures and resting positions, to their favourite toys and places to be stroked, and to the first `present' they bring you!
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Fishes of the Okavango Delta & Chobe River, Botswana

A comprehensive guide to the fishes of the Okavango Delta and Chobe River, this book offers background information on the diverse aquatic habitats of the region and on fish feeding, breeding and survival strategies.
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Aquarium Fish: A Definitive Guide to Identifying and Keeping Freshwater and Marine Species

A comprehensive practical guide to setting up all types of aquaria, with 700 step-by-step photographs.
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Creative Cats Notebook

This little notebook is purrfect for writing down important phone numbers and birthday dates, doctor and veterinarian appointments, or anything else you want to remember. Includes 64 blank pages.
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Dazzling Dogs Notebook

The lovable basset hound on the front cover welcomes you in to 64 blank pages that can be filled with phone numbers, important dates, art sketches, inspiring thoughts, or anything else you want to jot down.
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Creative Haven How to Draw Horses

With easy-to-follow steps and realistic coloring suggestions on the inside covers, this outstanding guide will show you how to draw 15 different breeds of horses: Appaloosa, Clydesdale, Morgan, and more. Includes completed illustrations to color and 30 perforated practice pages.
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Horse Tack and Saddlery

A comprehensive directory of tack for riding, showing, dressage, jumping and racing, with 400 photographs.
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One Hundred and Four Horses

`A letter is handed to you. In broken English, it tells you that you must now vacate your farm; that this is no longer your home, for it now belongs to the crowd on your doorstep. Then the drums begin to beat.'
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How to Train a Superpup

Offers a puppy care programme telling you what you need to know about house training, socialisation, feeding, exercising and vaccinating. This title gives helpful advice on choosing the right breed for your family.
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Aquariums and Aquarium Fish: A Complete Practical Guide and Fish Identifier

A definitive guide to identifying and keeping freshwater and marine fishes. Everything you need to get started as a fish-keeper ? the ultimate practical guide to setting up any type of aquarium.
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How To Train A Superdog

From walking on a loose lead to carrying the shopping, this title includes what you need to know to train your dog and ensure you have a happy contented canine companion.
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