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Ask an Ocean Explorer

How deep do sharks swim? Have more people been into space then the deep ocean? And what effect are we having on the health of our seas? Ask An Ocean Explorer answers these questions and more!
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All My Cats

A gem of a book about the aggravations and joys of cats from a literary master In the autumn of 1965, flush with the unexpected success of his first published books, the Czech writer Bohumil Hrabal bought a weekend cottage in Kersko, about an hour's drive east of Prague. From then until his death, he tended to a community of cats at his country home. Over the years, his relationship to them grew more intense, becoming a measure of the pressures, both private and public, that affected his life
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All Cats Are Introverts

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of I Could Pee on This, Francesco Marciuliano presents this humorous and all too relatable book written from the perspective of pets.
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Amazing Facts About Baby Animals : An Illustrated Compendium

A whimsically illustrated collection of fascinating, surprising, and funny facts about baby animals and their parents, from the author of The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts. Perfect for art- and nature-loving kids and adults, this sweet book makes a wonderful gift and conversation starter for the whole family.
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As Kingfishers Catch Fire : Birds & Books

As Kingfishers Catch Fire: Birds and Books is an illustrated and visually stunning exploration of birds in literature, from Ovid to Ted Hughes.
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Barrie : How a rescue dog and her owner saved each other

The heart-warming story of Barrie, the stray puppy rescued from the rubble in Syria by former soldier Sean Laidlaw.
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Arctic : A guide to coastal wildlife

The Arctic Wildlife Guide - Travel information and tips including practical tips and field guides to Arctic wildlife and plants. Also featuring detailed illustrations, translation guide, endemic and endangered species' identification, a glossary of snow and ice, the history of exploitation and conservation, and natural history.
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Beat about the bush

Following the other popular books in the Beat about the Bush series, this field guide is a collection of common everyday questions about animals prompted by visits to the bush.
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Babylon's Ark: The Incredible Wartime Rescue of the Baghdad Zoo

Chronicles the Baghdad zoo's transformation from bombed-out rubble to peaceful park. This title recounts hair-raising efforts to save a pride of the dictator's lions, close a deplorable black-market zoo, and rescue Saddam's Arabian horses.
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Beat About the Bush : Mammals

Mammals are the animals that most people come to wilderness areas to see. They range in size from the pygmy shrew (2g) to the blue whale (120 tonnes). But what makes a mammal a mammal - indeed why is the blue whale not a fish? How does the elephant's trunk work?
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Africa's Big Five

Of all Africa's wildlife, none has captured the imagination more than those species that have come over the years to be known as the big five. Whether the biggest, the most beautiful, the fiercest or most formidable, these animals are the ones that have the power to remind us of our insignificance in the face of the true kings of the savannas.
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All Things Wild and Wonderful

This volume brings us further stories of life in the Kruger park as the wife of a game ranger. After eleven years in the remote Mahlangeni region the couple are transferred, first to Crocodile Bridge and then to Pretorius Kop.
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