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Dr Jack's illustrated South African byrd book

This humorous book follows the earlier successful publication of two similar books by Dr Jack. Picture driven, it features a collection of cartoons that lampoon birds on the basis of their common names. The author draws on some existing material, but also turns to the renaming of a number of southern African birds for fresh inspiration.
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Insider's guide

Whether you are new to bird photography or already a passionate hobbyist, this guide will teach you all the tools, techniques and creative ideas required to take your bird photography to the next level.
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500 Common bird calls in Southern Africa

Identify bird calls with this handy guide and CD, which together feature 500 distinctive southern African species. The introduction describes interesting aspects of bird vocalisations, the differences between true songbirds and non-songbirds and why calls often change with the seasons and time of day.
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Birds of the Indian Ocean islands

Birds of the Indian Ocean islands is a comprehensive guide to the bird life of Madagascar, the Seychelles, the Comoros, and the Mascarenes - an area that boasts high levels of endemism. This new, expanded edition is fully updated to reflect taxonomic changes, and now describes and illustrates 502 species.
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Field guide to shorebirds of South Africa

Do you have a large `Wader'-sized gap in your bird knowledge? Roy Cowgill and Stephen Davis will help you fill in those gaps and will soon have you identifying South Africa's shorebirds with confidence and ease. This unique new guide will help identify the more common waders in South Africa and will appeal to both experienced birders and novices.
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Basic Bird ID

This title focuses on the essence of how to go about identifying birds. Topics covered include size, shape, bill length, and other physical features that provide clues to the birds’ lifestyle and identity. Full colour photographs and simple line drawings support the text.
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Newman’s birds of Southern Africa

This edition of Newman's birds of Southern Africa at once updates a classic and pays tribute to one of the region's birding authors, the late Kenneth Newman.
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Newman se voels van Suider-Afrika

Die gedenkuitgawe van Newman se Voels van Suider Afrika is 'n opdatering van 'n klassieke voelboek, asook 'n huldeblyk aan een van die streek se voelkenners, Kenneth Newman.
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Birds of Africa South of the Sahara

Birds of Africa south of the Sahara provides unrivalled coverage of African birds in a single volume, and is the first book to describe and illustrate all of the birds found in Africa south of the Sahara Desert (the Afrotropic Region), including Socotra, Pemba and islands in the Gulf of Guinea.
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Birds of Southern Africa

Struik nature’s pocket guide series, this title covers an astonishing 500 southern African birds yet is small enough to fit in your pocket.
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Beat About the Bush Birds

The Beat about the Bush series answers all those everyday questions that are prompted by visits to the bush. It fills the gap in exisiting literature and field guides alike, complemented by more than 900 full-colour photographs. Although details are given on bird identification and all.
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Bird calls for beginners

How many of the more common birds of southern African can you identify from their calls? Birdsong is everywhere, whether we live in the city or in the country. Without the musical backdrop of our feathered friends, our gardens, parks and fields would be relatively silent - and much the poorer for it.
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