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Psychic Powers & Psychic Phenomena

Psychic Powers & Psychic Phenomena
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Chakradance : Move Your Chakras, Change Your Life

Chakradance is more than just a book: it's a sensory journey through which readers can experience their chakras and understand how they work. It explains how by dancing to chakra-specific music we can release blockages caused by old, stuck, emotional baggage, and move towards to a blissful state of vibrant health and wellbeing.
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365 Days of Crystal Magic: Simple Practices with Gemstones and Minerals

A chunky, impulse-buy book that s written in concise daily entries, making it easy to use for any practitioner, especially those who lead busy lives
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Answers from Heaven : Incredible True Stories of Heavenly Encounters and the Afterlife

An authoritative, modern, up to date classic book about afterlife communication.
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Born Aware: Stories and Insights from Those Spiritually Aware Since Birth

Presents a fascinating topic that gives readers insight and ideas on how to expand their spiritual awareness
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Awakened Psychic: What You Need to Know to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Awaken the psychic abilities within you and harness the intuitive wisdom they reveal. With Kala Ambrose s comprehensive guide, you ll learn how to solve problems and improve your life by developing your psychic talents to their full potential.
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Chakras Beyond Beginners : Awakening to the Power Within

Chakras Beyond Beginners explores the process of ascending to the upper chakras for awakening, and then defines the descent, bringing awareness into the lower chakras.
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Crystal Masters 333

Featuring eighteen full-color Crystal Angel Mandalas by artist Jane Marin, Crystal Masters 333 shows how to combine the natural healing properties of each crystal with wisdom teachings from the loving Ascended Masters, such as Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Jesus, the Buddha, Mary Magdalene and Merlin.
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Crystal Resonance : Combining Gemstones, Essential Oils, and Flower Essences for Enhanced Well Being

Explores thirteen gemstones, essential oils, and flower essence combinations
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Contemporary Cayce : A Complete Exploration Using Today's Science and Philosophy

Two Edgar Cayce experts with decades of experience studying and teaching the philosophies of his psychic readings bring his timeless wisdom into the 21st century. With comparisons and writings based on living in today's world, the Cayce concepts come alive for a whole new generation of spiritual and holistic seekers. Topics include: * Karma * Meditation * Dreams * Reincarnation * Nature * The Purposefulness of Life * Earth Changes * Prosperity * The Akashic Records * . and so much more.
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Becoming Masters of Light : Co-Creating the New Age of Enlightenment

Darrin's latest book addresses the coming and going of 2012. What has this shift meant for our planet? We are now in the New Golden Age of Enlightenment. What's next? As a psychic intuitive and spiritual teacher, Darrin stretches us beyond mere reading and acquiring of spiritual knowledge for knowledge's sake and into the action of finding wisdom through the application of our knowledge, then ultimately becoming builders and masters of light.
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