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Complementary Therapies, healing & health

Complementary Therapies, healing & health
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Anyway : Finding Personal Meaning in a Crazy World

With a huge word-of-mouth following, these are timeless principles to live your life by in a contradictory world
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A Journey with Sacred Oils : 20 Meditations for Healing Spirit and Soul

The first audio product of its kind to inform and guide the reader on how to use twenty of the world's most ancient and sacred oils, including Holy Basil, Palo Santo and Ravensara, to heal the light-body and connect with the Divine. Includes guided meditations to intuitively connect with the oils and learn to work with them.
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Synopsis coming soon.......
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Black Moon Astrology Cards

Drawing on the ancient discipline of interpreting the night sky, the Black Moon Astrology Cards give you
access to the tangible wisdom contained in the heavens above. The movements of the planets, the luminaries and the stars are reflected in the happenings on Earth and influence our lives, bodies, souls and destinies. As a science and an art, astrology reveals the insight and knowledge that is literally written in the stars. The 52 cards are based upon the most important placements of a hor
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Animal Lessons: Discovering Your Spiritual Connection with Animals

Develop a deeper, more positive relationship with the animals in your life and become a better person along the way. All around you, animals are acting as therapists, trainers, mentors, and gurus if you pay attention.
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Angel Wings : An Oracle Book of Love, Light & Healing

The angels are a bridge between the dimensions of spirit and matter. Floating between the dream world and what we perceive to be the "real" world, they connect to the infinite well of creativity and potential inside us, fuelling our imagination and inspiring us. Featuring over 60 angelic artworks by Toni Carmine Salerno, many of them never before published, Angel Wings will help you to connect with the angels who are ready to assist you through any challenge, great or small, and guide you to rea
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99 Keys to a Creative Life : Spiritual, Intuitive, and Awareness Practices for Personal Fulfillment

Creativity is not just painting or writing; it is stepping outside the way we normally think and looking at a situation from different angles
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Better Health through Natural Healing, Third Edition : How to Get Well without Drugs or Surgery

"An essential reference book for alternative health practitioners as well as for anyone seeking to heal common ailments and diseases effectively with natural treatments"--
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Asthma and Allergies - Alternative

Called the 20th-century plague, asthma is on the rise. This concise guide to treating asthma and allergies explains how to combine conventional medications with a variety of alternative solutions. 180+ photos & illustrations.
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Africa in my bones

The title is a fascinating account of a surgeon's odyssey into the spirit world of African healing. It is the story of his initiation as a sangoma and how his life had been changed and enriched by the experience. It includes photographs of the author's training.
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A Brief History of the Holy Grail : The Legendary Quest

The history of the grail legend from the early Christian gospels to today's renewed fascination as seen in the books and films such as The Da Vinci Code and Indiana Jones.
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Anatomy Of The Spirit

This text seeks to show the links between emotional and spiritual stresses and specific illnesses in the context of the anatomy of the human energy system, linking the emotional, psychological and physical factors that lie at the root of illness.
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