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"Wholeness : The Art of Balancing Mind, Body, and Spirit"

By recognizing the importance of self-care, balance and harmony, connection, growth and development, and purpose and meaning, we can improve our overall well-being and achieve a greater sense of fulfillment in our lives. The practices of mindfulness, meditation, energy healing, environmentalism, social justice, spirituality, self-awareness, social support, community involvement, lifelong learning, personal development, finding one's passion, and altruism can all help us achieve holistic wellnes
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105 Steps : A 51 year journey where past, present and future collide to equal LOVE.

Five Star Review and recipient of Gold Book Award from Literary Titan Number 1 Amazon Australia (2 Categories, 23/6/22)
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1000 + Positive Affirmations : Affirmations for Health, Wealth, Success, Love, and much more.

This book contains over 1000 positive affirmations to help you build a positive mindset and always see the good in everything. You can read them all in order or you can just pick up the book and randomly open it and read from it. At any page you open you will find powerful and empowering affirmations that will lift you up in any moment of the day. This book contains: 1000 + positive affirmations 89 pg 6 x 9 in format
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!Dejame Vivir!

La obra es narrada por el mismo Luiz Sergio mientras es invitado a acompanar al equipo de rescate de abortados y abortistas, y luego escribir un libro al respecto. El amigo espiritual nos muestra cuanto abortan las mujeres como si bebieran agua y las razones, en su mayoria futiles, para no querer estos hijos. Nos damos cuenta de que la mayoria quita la vida a los demas por razones sociales y por no asumir sus aventuras "misteriosas y ocultas." Seguimos los rescates de estos espiritus abortados,
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!Ustedes son Dioses!

Rochester se presenta de manera inconfundible en esta novela, que tiene como telon de fondo el apogeo de la dominacion romana, encendiendo los mas grotescos instintos humanos, desencadenando conflictos y persecuciones que han marcado para siempre la historia de la humanidad. El autor revela la chispa del despertar que acompana al alma humana, libre en su esencia, aunque actue temporalmente por el mal, seguro de que esta haciendo lo mejor que puede. Ben Azir, espiritu libre e idealista, lucha co
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!Guia de Autoayuda y Superacion Personal!

!Guia de Autoayuda y Superacion Personal! Descubre los secretos para vivir una vida plena y equilibrada a traves de los principios del Life Coaching. Este libro contiene informacion relevante que le ayudara en su proceso de sanacion energetica - emocional, permitiendole liberarse del estres y el autosabotaje interno. Transformando su mente, cuerpo y espiritu, desbloqueando su maximo potencial, gracias a los principios del life coaching y reinvencion personal contenida en esta obra. Llega un mom
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101 Simple Devotionals : Growing in Faith

Words have the power to bring life or death to our souls. In a world that is increasingly dark and unforgiving, it's never been more important to cling to the truth that is the Lord Jesus! 101 Simple Devotionals isn't a cure for all that ails you, but a collection of thoughts meant to encourage your walk. If you have a moment, and the faith of a mustard seed, you may very well be able to sow into your spirit all the blessings of the Lord.
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#Irefuse to Stop Being Me : Confinement Chronicles - Alopecia Awareness Edition

During the pandemic, many people could not receive hair services as salons were closed. Wig and beauty establishments were closed; dermatologists were not accepting patients for "cosmetic" issues. Nationwide, people that had previously been covering their baldness with wigs were forced to embrace a "baldie" look. As the pandemic wore on, there became a further need for acceptance, awareness, and education. That is the reason this book was launched. In this special edition of Confinement Chr
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1% More : The Hidden Force to Creating Extraordinary Results in Life & Business

Our vision is to create "A global movement to empower people in personal growth and achievement."
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?Que es filosofia profunda? : Filosofia desde nuestro interior

Este libro ofrece una vision integral de los principios y metodos de Filosofia Profunda, practicada por el Grupo Internacional de Filosofia Profunda. Filosofia Profunda significa hacer filosofia desde nuestra profundidad interior. Al contemplar los aspectos fundamentales de la vida, buscamos relacionarnos con el fundamento de la realidad humana. Al hacerlo desde nuestra profundidad interior, buscamos dar voz a nuestras sensibilidades y anhelos personales mas profundos. Al contemplar textos de l
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101 Soul Seeds for a Joyful Retirement

Retirement is an invitation to embark on a holy adventure. Retirement does not mean passivity or sitting on life's sidelines. Bruce Epperly knows from experience that even in retirement, we can be agents of our own destinies. We may discover deeper passions that we had not previously imagined. Roads not taken may emerge, and gifts undiscovered may be mined. Retirement can also be a pilgrimage of faith, stretching far into the future and lived out one unrepeatable day at a time as we embark
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101 Soul Seeds for Reinventing Yourself

To reinvent ourselves, we must thoughtfully and intentionally make choices and take actions that enable us to show up in the world as the person we'd like to be.
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Greek translation of the English book of the same title, 'I don't speak Greek'.
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100 Yards To Go : 100 Facebook Posts That Will Encourage Anybody, Especially Former Athletes

100 Yards to go is a motivational devotional created by Coach DJ Davis. He compiled 5 years of his personal Facebook posts to create a manual for anyone looking for that extra spark of inspiration. He dedicated this devotional to those former athletes who spent most of their lives motivating others. Davis, a former student-athlete himself, knows that the time will come when all athletes have to hang up their proverbial cleats, bat, or sneaker. He wanted to used this devotional as a tool for tho
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101 Soul Seeds for Parents of Adult Children

"101 Soul Seeds for Parents of Adult Children" offers observations and quotes, coupled with simple prayers to help us navigate this portion of parenting.
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[Workbook] Walking On Water In My Stilettos : How God can Strengthen Your Faith-walk

WALKING ON WATER IN YOUR STILETTOS: HOW GOD CAN CHANGE YOUR FAITH-WALK WORKBOOK Now that you're at the door ready to enter your season of CHANGE, continue your journey by answering the question, 'In what way is CHANGE knocking on my door demanding entrance, ' to take that first critical step into the CHANGE that's waiting on you! The curriculum and life lessons contained herein are living examples of how to keep your eyes on Jesus while walking on water in your stilettos (or Stacey Adams) w
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100 Prayers of a Writer

What is prayer? Prayer is a conversation with God. What does God expect in your prayer? God wants you to pour out your heart to Him. These prayers are not meant to be memorized, but experienced. This collection of prayers began as a weekly offering to the American Christian Fiction Writers' children's fiction email loop. 100 PRAYERS OF A WRITER combines Wade Webster's two greatest passions: talking to his Heavenly Father and writing. If your prayer life needs a boost, these prayers will give
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1000 Sudoku Anfanger Ratsel : Ratselbuch mit Loesungen - Verringern Sie Ihr Gehirnalter, verbessern Sie Ihr Gedachtnis und Ihre Achtsamkeit - Einfache Sudoku-Ratsel und -Loesungen fur absolute Anfanger

Dieses grossartige Buch enthalt 1000 unterhaltsame und einfache Sudoku-Ratsel, die sich perfekt fur Anfanger eignen, die lernen moechten, wie man ihren Geist aktiv halt. UEberprufen Sie das Beispielpuzzle auf der Ruckseite, um das Anfangslevel zu ermitteln.
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101 Tales of Finding Love Volume Three

Thirty-six stories from devotees around the world on their unique path to Meher Baba.
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#OpioidCrisis : The Reality Of Addiction: What To Do And How To Help

If you are wondering whether someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol, this book will help you to understand the signs, symptoms, and solutions, and help you learn how to address what can seem like an overwhelming problem.
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101 Tales of Finding Love : Volume 1

Thirty Meher Baba devotees share their coming-to-Baba stories.
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10 Steps to Emotional Recovery Through God's Word

The purpose of this book is to encourage both men and women in Christ that healing and deliverance is available through the written Word of God. This book will help the reader to see themselves as a victor and not a victim by helping then to realize that they are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus!
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#NLD The Alpha and the Omega

The alpha is the chance to begin and the omega is the legacy you were born to leave behind. First the dream and then the persistence to see that dream be realised.
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