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The Tulip : The Story of a Flower That Has Made Men Mad

A revised and updated edition of the internationally bestselling classic Anna Pavord's now classic, internationally bestselling sensation, The Tulip, is not a gardening book. It is the story of a flower that has driven men mad. Greed, desire, anguish and devotion have all played their part in the development of the tulip from a wild flower of the Asian steppes to the worldwide phenomenon it is today. No other flower carries so much baggage; it charts political upheavals, illuminates social beh
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RHS How to Plant a Garden : Design tricks, ideas and planting schemes for year-round interest

In this easy-to-understand guide to plants and how to design with them, garden designer and lecturer Matt James de-mystifies the world of planting design, making it accessible, enjoyable and hugely rewarding.
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RHS Gardener's Botanical : An Encyclopedia of Latin Plant Names

From the creators of the bestselling RHS Latin for Gardeners, an extensive guide with more than 5,000 plant names and sumptuous botanical paintings.
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RHS Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers

". . . you can't do without it. As a reference book it is unsurpassed." - The Guardian "Absolutely essential" - BBC Good Homes Choose the right plants for your garden and find all the inspiration and guidance you need with the new edition of this best-selling illustrated reference book organised by plant colour, size, and type. Drawing on expert advice from the RHS, the book features an illustrated catalogue of more than 4,000 plants and flowers. Organised by colour, size, and type, rather
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Kweek dit Self

Kweek dit self is ’n alsomvattende gids vol praktiese riglyne wat jou sal leer hoe om jou tuin (groot of klein) ten volle te benut, hetsy met tradisionele of alternatiewe tuinbou metodes.
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Grow Your Own

Grow your own is a comprehensive guide providing practical guidelines that will teach you how to fully utilise your garden (large or small) by means of alternative as well as traditional growing methods. The recommendations aren’t limited to the more ordinary plants, either.
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The Almanac : A Seasonal Guide to 2020

The third instalment of the bestselling Almanac Seasonal Guides
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Gardening with Keith Kirsten

The fourth edition of this popular title has been given a completely new look, but it remains the same practical illustrated guide that is a must-have for all gardeners.
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Fruit Trees for Every Garden : An Organic Approach to Growing Fruit from an Expert Gardener

You haven't truly experienced flavor until you've eaten fruit fresh out of hand in your own garden. You want perfectly crisp apples? Sweet, juicy pears? Or how about varieties that can never be found in the store? For more than 40 years, Orin Martin has taught thousands of students, apprentices, and home gardeners the art and craft of growing fruit trees organically. In Fruit Trees for Every Garden, he shares--with homespun wisdom and humor--the keys to selecting, planting, growing, and tending
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The Super Organic Gardener : Everything You Need to Know About a Vegan Garden

This book gives you the tools to grow without harming the planet and animals, and explains why moving beyond organics towards super organic vegan gardening is going to be the next big craze.
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Bob's Basics: Composting

Composting is an excellent way to recycle kitchen and garden waste and to help your garden flourish.
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Flowerpaedia : 1000 flowers and their meanings

Flowerpaedia is an A-Z reference guide of over 1000 flowers, researched and compiled by botanical explorer Cheralyn Darcey.
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