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Container gardens

Growing plants in containers is a quick and easy way to enhance gardens, courtyards, patios and terraces, balconies, windows and entrances.
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Garden birds in Southern Africa

This guide profiles 101 garden birds likely to be found in gardens across southern Africa, informing readers about what to look and listen for, and where and when. It is also an inspirational guide to creating a bird-friendly garden wherever you are in the region.
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Bring nature back to your garden : A wildlife handbook

This book motivates gardeners to adopt a completely different mindset: instead of growing foreign plants and killing perceived pests, gardeners can benefit from planting indigenous vegetation with the object of actually attracting insects and other garden wildlife. It illustrates how easy it is to work with nature instead of against it.
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Culinary herbs & spices of the world

Culinary Herbs & Spices of the World is a reference guide to more than 120 different culinary herbs, spices and flavourings from all the well-known culinary traditions of the world.
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Everything you need to know about choosing and growing foliage successfully in a range of stunning hues and textures, in one handy practical guide.
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Creative Combinations : In Today's Gardens

Gardening is every bit as creative as painting flowers in watercolour. And it is in bringing together various elements that a lot of the creativity lies.
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Creative gardening with indigenous plants : A South African guide

Creative gardening with indigenous plants, now in its second edition, is an invaluable handbook for South African gardeners.
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Climbing Roses

The breathtaking beauty of climbing roses makes them an indispensable part of the garden, and this handy practical guide provides everything you need to know at a glance. A photographic directory of 50 climbing roses is followed by step-by-step guidance on planting, propagation, pruning and dealing with pests and diseases.
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Creating a Courtyard Garden

Whether you have a courtyard garden, a small terrace or a tiny patio, this book offers a host of inspirational designs for different styles. Joan Clifton celebrates the enclosed garden space, providing ideas for transforming any backyard into a peaceful haven, with case studies, plans and beautiful pictures.
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Fokuspunte : En Verfraaiings in Eietydse Tuine

Hierdie opvolg van Eietydse tuine handel oor verfraaiings en fokuspunte wat die aandag trek en tuine interessant maak.
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Die Suider-Afrikaanse watter blom is dit?

Sedert 1984, toe die heel eerste uitgawe van Die Suid-Afrikaanse watter blom is dit? gepubliseer is, was hierdie boek vir Suid-Afrikaanse tuiniers (of voornemende tuiniers) die naslaanwerk van keuse wat blomidentifikasie betref.
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Easy guide to small gardens

The worldwide trend towards smaller houses and spaces and apartment type homes has inspired and demanded a new approach in gardening. This is due predominantly to the freedom of expression in the styling and use of outdoor spaces, the approach to hard landscaping and the use of plant material most suited to the environment, house or garden design a
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