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Fundamentals of auditing

This textbook is written with students in mind whom, for the first time in their studies, encounter auditing and corporate governance principles, and establishes the basic principles and fundamental concepts of auditing, governance and accountability.
R 693,04 R 729,51

Rekeningkunde : 'n Inleiding

Die boek, wat primer op eerstejaarstudente in die ekonomiese en bestuurswetenskappe gemik is, is 'n basiese handboek en dien ook as 'n verwysingsbron vir verdere studie in rekeningkunde.
R 1 105,80 R 1 164,00

Descriptive accounting IFRS focus

The purpose of this book is to set out the basic principles and conceptual issues of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
R 1 302,90 R 1 371,48

SAICA : Conceptual framework

The new Conceptual Framework applicable to IFRS for SAICA students.
R 188,53 R 198,45

Dinamiese ouditkunde : 'n Studente uitgawe

Hiedie handboek is gebaseer op die opvoedkundige vereistes van die Suid-Afrikaanse Instituut van Geoktrooieerde Rekenmeesters vir toelating tot ATB (Aanvanlike Toets van Bevoegdheid (of in Engels "Initial Test of Competence" (ITC)) van die Kwalifi-serende Eksamen van die SAIGR.
R 1 050,78 R 1 106,08

Fundamentals of cost and management accounting

Welcome to the eight edition of Fundamentals of Cost and Management Accounting (FCMA). The authors are once again very pleased to deliver a book of exceptional quality and insight that speaks to the heart of every South African student.
R 1 281,91 R 1 349,38

Occupationally - directed education, training and development practices

The third edition of Occupationally-directed ETD Practices has been written, providing the Education, Training and Development (ETD) Practitioner with a practical textbook for the purpose of learning and professional practice.
R 595,93 R 627,29

Casebook on the South African law of persons / Vonnisbundel oor die Suid-Afrikaanse personereg

The Casebook on South African Family Law provides a clear and concise analysis of the facts and principles enunciated by the courts on the law of family. It contains commentary and extracts from cases referred to in South African Family Law.
R 768,05 R 808,47

Principles of the interpretation of contracts in South Africa

Principles of the Interpretation of Contracts in South Africa is a comprehensive reference manual which will teach you how to interpret contracts in four easy steps by encouraging you to study the contract from a sound rational and scientific base.
R 871,91 R 917,80

The National Credit Act explained

The aim of The National Credit Act Explained is to provide readers with an integrated overview to a very complex piece of legislation in a practical and systematic manner. The fourth edition covers the National Credit Amendment Act No. 19 of 2014 and its
R 493,92 R 519,92

Law of sale and lease

R 1 203,17 R 1 266,50