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Neethling on personality rights

Neethling on Personality Rights by Neethling, Potgieter and Roos is the updated, revised and expanded third edition of Neethling's Law of Personality (2nd ed 2005).
R 927,86 R 976,70

Auditing legislation and standards

This book consists of three parts. Part One: Legislation, Part Two: The King Code and Report, and Part Three: The International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing.
R 638,40 R 672,00

Insurance law of South Africa

R 1 066,92 R 1 123,08

A Guide to IFRS for SMES

The Guide to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for Small and Medium Entities (SMEs) has been written to provide an easy-to-read-and-apply practical guide for both practitioners and students of accounting. The textbook combines theoretical aspects and the practical application of financial reporting.
R 994,09 R 1 046,41

Information systems in a business environment

Information systems in the South African business environment is an introduction to the theory of computerised information systems as seen from a business perspective.
R 802,70 R 844,95

Understanding finance and accounting

Understanding finance and accounting has been prepared for those with no formal training in accounting, who wish to develop insight into fundamental accounting and finance.
R 989,63 R 1 041,72

South African environmental law through the cases

This book focuses on the judicial precedent as one of the primary sources of modern environmental law in South Africa.
R 602,11 R 633,80

Becoming a lawyer: fundamental skills for law students

Fundamental skills for law students is an essential publication for every new law student. Before the introduction of the four-year undergraduate Bachelor of law degree in South African universities, it was generally assumed that prospective law students would somehow acquire these skills in their pre-LLB degree studies.
R 1 074,68 R 1 131,24

Jurisprudence : An introduction

This work is aimed at students about to embark on a course in jurisprudence, legal theory or legal philosophy. The author has analysed the various philosophies extensively, and has indicated the intensity of current jurisprudential debates in relation to South African law.
R 548,71 R 577,59

Jurisprudence : A South African perspective

There is already ample evidence that the new constitutional order has triggered an unprecedented flowering of South African jurisprudential debate. The aim of this book is to provide a sensitive and intuitive understanding of these debates.
R 753,28 R 792,92

The historical foundations of South African private law

This book discuss some fundamental changes in South African legal education. One of these changes is the introduction at first year level of a course in the basics of the law and the development of legal skills. At several universities, Roman law will be taught to students at first year level.
R 841,39 R 885,67