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Practical Guide to Media Law

A Practical Guide to Media Law is aimed at helping journalists, students and practitioners navigate legal concepts such as freedom of expression, defamation, access to information and hate speech.
R 981,34

Legal Aspects of Financing Corporates

Legal Aspects of Financing Corporates explains the legal and transactional issues of financing corporates. Legal Aspects of Financing Corporates aims to simplify the structured finance process and explain the legal implications as well as the tax considerations.
R 989,39

Concise Guide to Tax In Namibia

A concise commentary on Namibian tax and vat acts and includes extracts of relevant legislation. Concise Guide to Tax in Namibia is a practical guide to the complex field of tax law and practice.
R 685,63

Fundamentals of SA Trust Law

This book meets the demand for a text that explains the basic principles of South African trust law. Available 14 Jan 2019. Fundamentals of SA Trust Law provides a concise, yet comprehensive, exposition of the principles underlying South African trust law.
R 578,60

Financial Calculations & Worksheet

A practical workbook on how to do income tax, retirement planning and estate planning calculations. Financial Calculations and Worksheets contains explanations and worked examples of various calculations encountered by financial planners. The book is divided into two parts.
R 611,66

Concise Guide to Carbon Tax

A concise and practical guide to Carbon Tax including applicable legislation, regulations, SARS Rules and forms. This publication contains an insightful analysis of the Carbon Tax Act and related Regulations. Most importantly, it demystifies the administration of the carbon tax as an environmental levy under the Customs and Excise Act.
R 702,58

Practical Guide to Handling Tax Disputes

A practical guide to the law regulating tax disputes, and other remedies available to taxpayers to overturn a decision taken by SARS or an assessment raised by SARS.
R 824,49

Fundamentals of Financial Planning 2021

An introductory commentary on all aspects of financial planning. Available end Jan 2021. Fundamentals of Financial Planning has been written as an introductory text for financial planners and undergraduate students of financial planning and is written in a practical outcomes-based format.
R 1 074,54

Corporate & Personal Financial Planning 2022

A commentary on the essential aspects of corporate and personal financial planning. Also includes extracts from relevant legislation. Available Dec 2021.
R 1 545,67

Essentials Retirement Fund Mment 2021

A concise guide for trustees of retirement funds. It includes the Pension Funds Act and regulations. Essentials of Retirement Fund Management explains in clear and practical terms the various aspects of the retirement fund industry in South Africa and provides practical steps to achieve effective retirement planning.
R 934,02

Exchange Control Compendium 2021

Exchange Control Compendium consolidates in one handbook all relevant legislation, orders, rules and guidelines as well as the Currency and Exchanges Manual.
R 1 264,64

Money Laundering & Terror Financing 2022

Money Laundering & Terror Financing: Law & Compliance in SA is a practical guide to the legislation around the prevention of money laundering, organized crime and protection against terror financing.
R 1 339,04