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The wounded daughters of Africa : Untying the feminine and Africa's wisdom for personal and global transformation

A powerful story of self-discovery, healing and transformation intertwined with powerful feminine energy to heal, create and transform, she returns home to herself to discover her reasons for existence - her true purpose.
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New enlightenment

A triumphant conclusion to the tetralogy of novels which tell of personal growth from conventional thinking - both religious and materialistic - to a fuller understanding of life's deeper dimensions.
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No problem : The upside of saying no

If you have a resistance to saying "No" to requests for your time and your diary is crammed full with no time for yourself or your family, then this book is for you. Using powerful Emotional Freedom Techniques and other modalities, the author makes it easy to say no without being rude or creating animosity.
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The Irritable Working Woman's Cookbook

Why is this cookbook different from all other cookbooks? Because it is aimed at the one overlooked population in our global community - irritable working women. They cook, but on occasion without the customary good grace implied in most cookbooks.
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Weeds and What They Tell Us

This wonderful little book covers everything you need to know about the types of plants known as weeds, how they grow and what they can tell us about soil health.
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Food Consciousness - A Food Relationship Revolution

Food Consciousness is a weight loss journey that brings forth success from the inside out. It teaches readers that the answers to sustainable weight loss have always been with them once they discover their God-Self. Food Consciousness provides the missing link to the mystery of why most diet books fail. It tackles the issue "head on" with a recipe of ingredients which use special healing techniques to prepare the reader's soul to desire naturally healthy foods provided by God, Mother Nature and
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Light Beings Journey

This is a history of the world from creation to the present day from an unique viewpoint hardly ever told, that of the spiritual dimension. This insightful overview reveals spiritual solutions to many present day personal and world problems. The author hopes that through this book you will rekindle a friendship to a very true, very old and most dear and precious of friends - yourself, and in doing so maybe you will be able to find just a little bit more of yourself; how truly wondrous you are,
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Brief Authority

Brief Authority gives an insider's perspective of one of the great issues of our time: the conflict between established materialism embraced by standard science, 'Dress'd in a little brief authority,' and the growing holistic, spiritual view. The novel follows the struggles of a retired medically-trained psychiatrist as he becomes caught in this conflict through encounters with a cluster of gifted young people. How may a conventionally trained psychiatrist react when his fixed materialism is cha
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A Rosslyn Treasury : Stories and Legends from Rosslyn Chapel

A collection of stories represented by the carvings at Rosslyn Chapel, drawn from the beginnings of the world, Ancient Egypt, the Holy Land, Celtic myth and Scottish history.
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Reflections from the Origin

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