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Long Live Latin : The Pleasures of a Useless Language

Virgil gave us the Aeneid, and Ovid the Metamorphoses; Lucretius analysed the material world and Caesar interrogated how we view reality through the lens of reason - but what does Latin offer us today? Often seen as the bulky relic of school curricula long forgotten, Latin seems to have lost its punch in the popular conscious. Oxford academic Nicola Gardini, however, argues the case for its lasting importance, offering a personal and passionate defence of the beauty and future of the language.
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How to Write Effective Business English : Your Guide to Excellent Professional Communication

Express yourself clearly and confidently at work with this practical guide to written business English and global business English, for native and non-native speakers alike.
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Biblical Hebrew: An Introductory Grammar

Comprehensive in scope, this carefully crafted introductory grammar of Biblical Hebrew offers easy-to-understand explanations, numerous biblical illustrations, and a wide range of imaginative, biblically based exercises.

The book consists of thirty-one lessons, each presenting grammatical concepts with examples and numerous exercises judiciously selected from the biblical text. These lessons are accompanied by eleven complete verb charts, an extensive vocabulary list, a glossary of gra
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Jensen's Grammar

Jensen's Grammar lessons and exercises were built with three concepts in mind. First, spaced repetition is the key to learning; hence, there is review in every lesson. Second, the information is given incrementally; that is, the material comes in a natural progression of detail and concept interwoven so as to move you along with something new each lesson while fitting it in with the material previously learned and practiced. Third, the sentences in the exercises will generally set a scene or des
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'n Wolf in skaapklere, en ander Afrikaanse idiome

This book is a collection of Afrikaans idioms by Kobus Galloway, the creator of Idees Vol Vrees. It features 150 idioms, each illustrated by a humorous full-page cartoon and a brief explanation of the idiom’s meaning.
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Get a Grip on Your Grammar : 250 Writing and Editing Reminders for the Curious or Confused

Just as we should think before we speak, we need to think before we write. Most of us are not poets or novelists, but we are all writers. We email, text and post; we craft memos and reports, menus and outdoor signage, birthday cards and sticky notes on the fridge. GET A GRIP ON YOUR GRAMMAR is a grammar book for those who hate grammar books, a writing resource filled with quick answers and a playful style - not endless, indecipherable grammar jargon. GET A GRIP ON YOUR GRAMMAR is The Elements of
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Jensen's Vocabulary

Jensen's Vocabulary teaches through repetition for long-term retention by students as well as a simple format to follow with great results. The course provides a systematic approach to learning vocabulary with over 1,000 valuable words from basic roots. With several optional schedules provided, students are given weekly reinforcement so that Greek and Latin-based words become easy with four types of exercises for each set of words. When a student finishes the course, he or she will have increase
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Essential Grammar for Today's Writers, Students, and Teachers

This innovative grammar text is an ideal resource for writers, language students, and current and future classroom teachers who need an accessible "refresher" in a step-by-step guide to essential grammar. Rather than becoming mired in overly detailed linguistic definitions, Nancy Sullivan helps writers and students understand and apply grammatical concepts and develop the skills they need to enhance their own writing. Along with engaging discussions of both contemporary and traditional terminol
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Oxford A-Z of Better Spelling

Adding endings and remembering when 'i' comes before 'e' are just some of the aspects of spelling that confront us with endless pitfalls. This easy-to-use A-Z guide does what no spellchecker can do: it offers both spellings for tricky words and rules that will help you develop good spelling.
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A Dictionary of Modern English Usage : The Classic First Edition

"A dictionary of modern English usage first published 1926"--T.p. verso.
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Everyday Grammar

This accessible and unique approach to grammar comes in two parts: the first section consists of a practical guide on how to understand and use grammar successfully, and the second is an extensive A-Z glossary of grammatical terms. It is ideal for both language students and anyone wanting to improve their written and spoken English.
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