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A Different Drummer : My Life as a Peacetime Soldier

A Different Drummer: My Life as a Peacetime Soldier by Gerard Teachman chronicles his 3 years in the U.S. Army.
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A Biography of Fan Hanjie : 范漢傑傳:決定中國命運的戰爭傳奇

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A Hoot in Hell's Island : The Heroic Story of World War II Dive Bomber Lt. Cmdr. Robert D. Hoot Gibson

In the dark days of 1942, the battle for the Solomon Islands was very much in doubt. When carrier dive bomber Robert D. "Hoot" Gibson sighted the Japanese fleet heading for "Hell's Island," he attacked the vanguard ships, sinking the heavy cruiser Kinugasa and two loaded Japanese troop transports in a battle royal that earned him the Navy Cross. He was also credited with the sinking of an I-Class submarine and shooting down two Zeroes, after going toe-to-toe with Japan's premier ace pilot, and
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A Doctor's Vietnam Journal

The autobiography of Bartecchi's service as a doctor in the U.S. Army at Soc Trang during the Vietnam War. Also covered is his postwar efforts to organize humanitarian aid for the Vietnamese and, in particular, assisting a hospital and its staff with training, equipment and supplies, which continues to this day. In addition, it provides a history of military and civilian medicine in Vietnam from World War II when the Japanese occupied Indochina through the French occupation after World War II a
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1 Recce : Volume 2 : Agter Vyandelike Linies

Daar was hewige vuurgevegte, oorwinnings, maar ook verliese . . . 1 Recce, Agter vyandelike linies, neem die leser tot in die Recces se "binnekamer". In hul eie woorde vertel Recce-operateurs van die lewensgevaarlike operasies wat hulle onder groot geheimhouding in die laat 1970's in Angola en Rhodesie uitgevoer het.
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1 Recce : Volume 2 : Behind Enemy Lines

1 Recce, Behind Enemy Lines, takes the reader into the Recces' inside chamber. In their own words the Recces detail life-threatening operations performed under great secrecy.
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51 Lessons From The Sky

Learn from the largest air force in the world - the US Air Force. 51 Lessons From The Sky contains stories from USAF pilots and crew who lived to share their stories of air incidents, and close calls.
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#Fail : Why the US Lost the War in Afghanistan

Provides a military insider's look at why the US counterinsurgency strategy was doomed to failure and details a truly viable strategy for Afghanistan, which promises actual decisive effects in short order. Rewrites how the US military should conduct counterinsurgency operations.
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3 Presidents, 2 Accidents : More MO41 UFO Data and Surprises

Additional information regarding MO42: The Bombshell Before Roswell and the government cover-up that took place
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A GI Machine Gunner : From the Seminary to Korea's Front Line 1951 - 1952

America has thirty six thousand reasons to remember the Korean War, the number of its sons and daughters who gave their lives to stop the spread of Chinese Communism from 1950 to 1953 over the entire Korean Peninsula, perhaps even Japan. On hill 717, the stench of the dead Chinese Communist troops hung over the hill like a sordid cloud.
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A Fleet in Being : Austro-Hungarian Warships of WWI

Illustrated with thirty photographs and drawings, this book provides a comprehensive and detailed reference of the ships that made up the Austro-Hungarian Navy, its operations, and the unique problems this unusual fleet faced, from contentious duelling parliaments to ships built by landlocked Hungary.
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32 Battalion

32 Battalion is the gripping inside story of South Africa's most controversial fighting unit of the 1970s and 1980s.
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