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Other Military History & Campaigns
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A Breed Apart : The Inside Story of a Recce’s Special Forces Training Year

Over the years, many have signed up for the South African Special Forces selection course but only a select few have ever passed. The gruelling course pushes recruits to their physical and mental limits.
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A Brief History of London

A brilliantly concise history of London, with a distinctive perspective focusing on the city in its national and, more importantly, international contexts, rather than London itself. Why did London become the foremost international city, how did it sustain that position, and what is happening to it now?
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A Brief History of the Atlantic

A concise look at the evolution of one of our most crucial transport and trade routes that will open your eyes to its vivid history. Jeremy Black expertly spotlights those who embarked to cross the ocean over the last 550 years and how it came to be established as the ocean for the world.
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1 Recce : Volume 3 : Through Stealth Our Strength

The Battle of Cuito Cuanavale has been a source of fierce contestation and emotion for decades, but up to now little was known about the Recces' presence there. Strachan, himself an ex-Recce, reveals more on the Recces' involvement.
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1 Recce : Volume 3 : Onsigbaarheid is Ons Krag

Die Slag van Cuito Cuanavale is al lank 'n bron van hewige konflik en emosie, maar tot nou was min bekend oor die Recces se teenwoordigheid daar. Alexander Strachan, bekroonde skrywer en self 'n oud-Recce, onthul meer oor die Recces se betrokkenheid.
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A Cape Odyssey

Take a wonderful journey back in time with Roger as he investigates historical maps and the mapmakers that have inspired this rich and unusual collection of beautifully illustrated essays: The author’s research has revealed stories of discovery, development, disease, dispute, dispossession, forgotten places, passes and people.
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100 Turning Points in Military History : The Critical Decisions, Key Events, and Breakthrough Inventions and Discoveries That Shaped Warfare Around the World

100 Turning Points in American History is devoted to the critical decisions, key events, and breakthrough inventions and discoveries that shaped our nation.
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A Brief History of South Africa : From Earliest Times to the Mandela Presidency

A Brief History of South Africa is an introduction to South African history from the earliest times to the Mandela Presidency. Using both a narrative chronology and thematic chapters, the book encourages critical thinking about how history shaped South Africa.
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A Bicycle, A Chess Set, an African River

What makes Pat Simmons, a retired engineer, give up his comfortable middle class living and wade across a crocodile infested river with a bicycle strapped to his back, in order to teach chess to schoolchildren at the Mission station?
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50 People Who F***ed Up South Africa : The Lost Decade

To mark the tenth anniversary of the smash-hit 50 People Who Stuffed Up South Africa, the original 50 People team brings you an all-new sequel: 50 People Who F***ed Up South Africa: The lost decade.
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1986 was a pivotal year in South African history. It was the year of the vigilante, the year of the necklace - but also the year the talking began. Drawing on newspaper articles, memoirs, and little-known histories, William Dicey presents a compelling diary of a very bad year.
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1939 : A People's History

A vivid people's history, based on original source material, of the twelve months leading up to the outbreak of the war nobody wanted in 1939, perfect for fans of Antony Beevor, Max Hastings, Christopher Clark and Margaret Macmillan.
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