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History - Ancient to Modern
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D-Day : The Soldiers' Story

The definitive soldier-on-the-beach account of the greatest invasion in history
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Amazons: The Real Warrior Women of the Ancient World

Since the time of the ancient Greeks we have been fascinated by accounts of the Amazons, an elusive tribe of hard-fighting, horse-riding female warriors.
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Gladiators: Fighting to the Death in Ancient Rome

This expert introduction explores the world of the gladiator in Ancient Rome: their weapons, fighting techniques and armour. The cult of the gladiator is explored, alongside their less glamorous fates which more often than not ended in violent death.
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Dinosaurs, Diamonds and Democracy: A Short, Short History of South Africa

An asteroid the size of Table Mountain crashed into what was to become South Africa over 2 billion years ago, marking the spot. The country’s history since then has always been robust and full of energy.
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Collective Violence and the Agrarian Origins of South African Apartheid, 1900-1948

This book examines the dark odyssey of official and private collective violence against the rural African population and Africans in general during the two generations before apartheid became the primary justification for the existence of the South African state.
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Great Speeches of Our Time : Speeches that Shaped the Modern World

Forty of the most memorable speeches made between 1945 and the present day.
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Cape Lives of the Eighteenth Century

Presented in the form of biographies centering on a number of men, women and families varying in status and race, Cape lives of the eighteenth century provides a vivid survey of the Cape of Good Hope at the end of the Dutch period, during a period of rapid and dramatic development and change for the colony.
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Die Bosmans Van Drakenstein : 1705-1842

In 1707 is die Nederlander Hermanus Bosman as sieketrooster van die gemeente Drakenstein aangestel. Die Bosmans van Drakenstein bevat transkripsies van ongeveer 'n honderd briewe, ander persoonlike geskrifte, gedigte en dokumente uit die tydperk 1705–1842 wat met hierdie familie in verband staan.
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1434: The Year a Chinese Fleet Sailed to Italy and Ignited the Renaissance

In his bestselling book 1421:The Year China Discovered the World, Gavin Menzies revealed that it was the Chinese that discovered America, not Columbus. Now he presents further astonishing evidence that it was also Chinese advances in science, art, and technology that formed the basis of the European Renaissance and our modern world.
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Diamonds, Gold and War : The Making of South Africa

An epic, sweeping history of the making of South Africa by the bestselling and acclaimed author of The State of Africa.
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Heinemann Advanced History: Cold War in Europe and Asia

This series supports the AS and A-Levels starting September 2000. The series provides coverage of all the most popular topics, so you can cover the whole of the specification with up-to-date resources. This text concentrates on the Cold War.
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