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Visionary animal : Rock art from Southern Africa

Why were depictions of animals a crucial trigger for the birth of art? And why did animals dominate that art for so long? In order to answer these questions, Renaud Ego examined some of the world's finest rock art, that of the San of southern Africa.
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The Swahili World

The Swahili World presents the fascinating story of a major world civilization, exploring the archaeology, history, linguistics, and anthropology of the Indian Ocean coast of Africa. It covers a 1,500-year sweep of history, from the first settlement of the coast to the complex urban tradition found there today. Swahili towns contain monumental palaces, tombs, and mosques, set among more humble houses; they were home to fishers, farmers, traders, and specialists of many kinds. The towns have bee
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Stone Tools in Human Evolution : Behavioral Differences among Technological Primates

This book explains in simple, straightforward terms what stone tools are, how and why they vary, and what that variability means for human evolution. It is a book about stone tools written for students and for non-archaeologists by an expert at making, using, and analyzing stone tools.
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Tant Miem Fischer se kampdagboek Mei 1901 – Augustus 1902

In die middel van die winter word Miem Fischer saam met haar enigste seun en ander familielede weggevoer van hulle plaas naby Ermelo: eers na die konsentrasiekamp by Standerton en daarna na die kamp by Merebank naby Durban.
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