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14 African Women Who Made History : Phenomenal African Women

This book celebrates 14 phenomenal women across Africa, who have made tremendous contributions, in their respective fields, to advance African society.
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A Clear Vision to Future Delight : Landscapes and Writings of Harold Caparn FASLA

Photographs, plans and descriptions illustrate Harold Caparn's designs for luxurious private estates, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the Bronx Zoo and historic Village One.
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A Train near Magdeburg (the Young Adult Adaptation) : The Holocaust, the Survivors, and the American Soldiers Who Saved Them

ABRIDGED EDITION of the True Story of the Rescue of a Holocaust Death Train in World War II- SUITABLE FOR Grades 9-12 and Beyond Jewish children on a death train. Nazi murderers. American soldiers. A teacher turned detective, solving a historical mystery. Teenagers survivors of the Holocaust tell their stories and meet their liberators.
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Aeschylus The Oresteia : An Adaptation by Rob Hardy

An adaptation of the famous Greek trilogy. Gives 21st-century readers and theater audiences an authoritative version of Aeschylus's famous story of how Athens sought a better way to resolve disputes that often led to cycles of revenge and murder.
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Akia's Adventure : The Sequel to Pharaoh's Arrow

"...Engrossing and suspenseful. The artwork is marvelous!" - Readers' Favorite After the death of her father left her to survive alone in the harsh desert, Akia is grateful to be living in the royal palace. She enjoys dancing for the pharaoh and joining him on adventures around his kingdom. But when the pharaoh's jealous wife hatches an evil plan against her, Akia must once again fight to survive. Travel back in time to Ancient Egypt in this sequel to the award-winning picture book, Pharaoh'
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Architecture, Astronomy and Sacred Landscape in Ancient Egypt

This book examines the interplay between astronomy and dynastic power in the course of ancient Egyptian history, focusing on the fundamental role of astronomy in the creation of the pyramids and the monumental temple and burial complexes. Bringing to bear the analytical tools of archaeoastronomy, a set of techniques and methods that enable modern scholars to better understand the thought, religion and science of early civilizations, Giulio Magli provides in-depth analyses of the pyramid complex
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Acre's Orphans- Historical Fiction From the Crusades

"A thrilling tale with new adventures around every turn..." An epic tale of a young orphan caught in the madness of the Crusades. Can Lucca the Louse get word to what remains of the Frankish army and rescue Acre before it, too, falls into Saracen hands?
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Anne and Louis : Passion and Politics in Early Renaissance France

Winner of the General Fiction category of the Publishers Weekly 2018 BookLife Prize, Anne and Louis is the story of the early years of Anne of Brittany's marriage to Louis XII, King of France. Book Two of the Anne of Brittany Series, of which Anne and Charles is Book One.
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The Seattle Express, a 700-foot container ship, is on fire in the Gulf of Alaska. Rescue tugs race to salvage the ship before it's lost to battering seas. But when one crew member goes missing, his daughter forms a desperate plan.
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A Legacy to Remember : Recollections of a Common Man

The Great Depression, living in poverty, World War II, the death of a child, etc.--tragedies many people would have been bitter having experienced. Not D. V. Gillum! He not only survived but he thrived through his faith in God to become a wonderful "family man" with a successful career in the aeronautics. This biography tells his story.
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Abney : Ancestry and Genealogy of Dr. Abraham Abney of Virginia

Ancestry of the American Abney family from the 10th century to the present, including dozens of related families. Also included are British History, American History, Southern History and information on Hurricanes Katrina and Betsy with hundreds of photographs and pedigrees.
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A Storm of Pleasure : The STORM Series

Set during a time when magic yet glimmered in the highlands & islands of Scotland, two enemies must overcome their pasts & find a way to break a Fae curse. Katla will do anything to save her brother from death-even give herself to the Truthsayer for his pleasure.When Gavin's truth reveals many dangerous secrets, will Katla save or destroy him?
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