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Architecture, Astronomy and Sacred Landscape in Ancient Egypt

This book examines the interplay between astronomy and dynastic power in the course of ancient Egyptian history, focusing on the fundamental role of astronomy in the creation of the pyramids and the monumental temple and burial complexes. Bringing to bear the analytical tools of archaeoastronomy, a set of techniques and methods that enable modern scholars to better understand the thought, religion and science of early civilizations, Giulio Magli provides in-depth analyses of the pyramid complex
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Books & bones & other things

Books tell stories about our lifeworld. In this book Jan Coetzee invites us to critically inquire into the aims, the content, and the context of the stories contained in a collection of old books from an old world.
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A Little History of Archaeology

The thrilling history of archaeological adventure, with tales of danger, debate, audacious explorers, and astonishing discoveries around the globe
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Ancient Treasures : The Discovery of Lost Hoards, Sunken Ships, Buried Vaults, and Other Long-Forgotten Artifacts

Why are so many people fascinated by treasure? Is it purely a desire for wealth or is it, also, the romantic appeal of tales of lost ancient artifacts? It is certainly true that the stories behind the loss and recovery of a number of ancient treasures read like edge-of-the-seat fiction, somewhere between Indiana Jones and James Bond. In ANCIENT TREASURES, you will read fascinating stories of lost hoards, looted archaeological artifacts and sunken treasures, including: * The Sevso Treasure, a h
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Archaeology: A Very Short Introduction

The explorations of archaeology encompass the whole globe, survey 2.5 million years, and range from deserts to jungles, from deep caves to mountain tops, and from pebble tools to GPS. Its efforts to reconstruct and understand the past do not fail to fascinate us. Paul Bahn explores the importance of archaeology in this entertaining introduction.
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Europe Between the Oceans : 9000 BC-AD 1000

Europe is, in world terms, a relatively minor peninsula attached to the Eurasian land mass, yet it became one of the most innovative regions on the planet. This title sees Europe not in terms of states and shifting land boundaries, but as a geographical niche particularly favoured in facing many seas.
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Five hundred years rediscovered : Southern African precedents and prospects

In the age of the African Renaissance, southern Africa has needed to reinterpret the past in fresh and more appropriate ways.
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Archaeology of the Land of the Bible, Volume II : The Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persian Periods (732-332 B.C.E.)

Offers a look at how archaeological research contributes to our understanding of the connections between history and the stories recounted in the Bible. This volume describes the various artifacts unearthed and relates them to the Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persian periods in the Bible.
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Handbook to the Iron Age : The Archaeology of Pre-colonial Farming Societies in Southern Africa

Covers the last 2000 years in Southern Africa. This work outlines essential topics such as settlement organisation, stonewalled patterns, ritual residues, long-distance trade and ancient mining. It also presents a comprehensive culture-history sequence through ceramic analyses, showing distributions, stylistic types and characteristic pieces.
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Cambridge Manuals in Archaeology: Lithics: Macroscopic Approaches to Analysis

The new edition details key advances in the field related to lithic debitage analysis and lithic tool analysis since publication of the first edition in 1998. It includes new sections on stone tool functional studies, microdebitage analysis and minimal analytical nodule analysis.
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Discovering Southern African Rock Art

The rock paintings and engravings of southern Africa have long been considered obscure, yet research has managed to piece together their message and we now know that this beautiful and detailed art can provide us with much information about the San.
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