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Big Book of Su Doku Book 6 : 300 Su Doku Puzzles

A bumper collection of easy, medium and difficult Su Doku puzzles to test your mental dexterity, powers of logic and deduction. 100 easy, 100 medium and 100 hard puzzles. Solutions easily found at the back of the book.
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All the Sh*t You Should Have Learned : A Digestible Re-Education in Science, Math, Language, History...and All the Other Important Crap

If you've forgotten a thing or two since school, now you can go from knowing jack sh*t to knowing your sh*t in no time! This highly entertaining, useful and fun trivia book fills the gaps, offering hundreds of bite-sized facts about history, grammar, math, and more! Get ready to relearn all the crap you were taught in school and then promptly forgot. Who can keep all that information in their head anyway? Now you can! With All the Sh*t You Should Have Learned, you'll be schooled in history,
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Emergency Questions : Now updated with bonus content!

The book that's guaranteed to turn an awkward silence into an awkward conversation.
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A Word for Every Day of the Year

A weird and wonderful word and its meaning for every day of the year.
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Frogger: Magnet Set

Based on one of the most iconic arcade games in history, Frogger: Magnet Set will appeal to nostalgic fans who fondly remember the game, as well as a brand-new generation.
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50 Great Puzzles on Defence

The aim is to encourage players to improve their game by solving the puzzles
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Collins Scrabble Dictionary : The Official Scrabble Solver - All Playable Words 2 - 9 Letters in Length

An essential resource for all Scrabble enthusiasts. Stuck on how to decide on what is a valid word in Scrabble? This major new edition is fully updated to include all valid words between 2 and 9 letters in length from the latest official Scrabble word list, and allows players to settle disputes over the eligibility of words.
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Big Book of Wordsearches book 5 : 300 Themed Wordsearches

Reach for your trusty pen or pencil and tackle this bumper collection of word challenges at your leisure. Arranged in themes, they will provide a mental workout and relaxation therapy at the same time. Solutions easily found at the back of the book.
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Big Questions From Little People . . . Answered By Some Very Big People

Why is the sea salty?
How far away is space?
Why can't I tickle myself?
Why can't we live forever?

Children ask the most interesting and challenging questions.
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Finger Breakdancing : Plays fresh beats!

Pop, drop, and freeze with this old skool kit! Finger Breakdancing includes a pair of mini kicks for your fingers, a cardboard mat, instructional mini book, and a boombox that plays fresh beats for aspiring finger B-boys and B-girls!
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Desktop Cornhole : Give it a toss!

Whether you're looking to play against friends or co-workers, this kit serves as the perfect pastime or office distraction! Kit includes two raised platforms, eight bean bags, and a 32-page illustrated book on the popular bean bag game.
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Chess for Beginners

In this book, I. A. Horowitz, Chess Editor of the New York Times and former U.S. Open Champion, applies some of the ideas and convictions acquired from thirty-five years of playing, teaching and analyzing the royal game. He emphasizes the tactical aspects of the game: how to recognize the big chance
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