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Puzzle Books
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Bible Crosswords Large Print Vol. 2

Bible puzzles are a great way to pass time while learning scripture--and here's a brand-new collection of almost 50 large print crosswords sure to satisfy.
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Contemporary Brainteasers

If you enjoy mathematical and mechanical calculations and appreciate challenges to your lateral thinking and logical reasoning, this is the book for you! Two hundred puzzles include complete solutions.
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Rooi Rose blokraaiboek

Die heel eerste versameling van Rooi Rose se gewilde groot blokraaisels, met hulle oplossings agterin die boek.
R 144,00 R 180,00

Riddles in Mathematics : A Book of Paradoxes

Math enthusiasts of all ages will delight in these 200 riddles, based on concepts from geometry, trigonometry, algebra, infinity, probability, and logic. Includes complete solutions and 113 illustrations.
R 233,75 R 275,00

Mathematical Puzzles and Curiosities

Intriguing collection features recreational math, logic, and creativity puzzles. Classic and new puzzles include The Monty Hall Problem, The Unexpected Hanging, The Shakespeare Puzzles, and Finger Multiplication.
R 170,00 R 200,00

Loopy Logic Problems and Other Puzzles

These 85 visually stunning and intellectually stimulating challenges abound in fascinating facts and include several classic puzzles attributed to important mathematicians and philosophers, including Galileo, Fibonacci, Foucault, and Aristotle. Solutions.
R 339,15 R 399,00

Huisgenoot groot blokraaiselboek 13

Nog 'n versameling van 60 van Huigenoot se altyd gewilde groot blokraaisels, met hulle oplossings agterin die boek. Al verkoop Huigenoot se groot blokraaiselboek 10, 11 en 12 steeds flink, sal die derduisende liefhebbers verheug wees dat daar na twee jaar weer ’n nuwe boek is.
R 120,00 R 150,00

Oxford Crossword Dictionary

A quick and comprehensive reference for people who enjoy solving crosswords; with over 100,000 words and phrases arranged alphabetically and by word length for easy look-up, the Oxford Crossword Dictionary is the crossword enthusiast's key to success. It is based on the rich resources of Oxford's Dictionary Department and the largest language research programme in the world.
R 194,61 R 228,95

Quick Crossword Puzzles

Thirty fun-filled puzzles that not only offer hours of entertainment, but also help enlarge vocabularies and improve spelling. Diverting brain-teasers cover a wide range of subjects: animals, body parts, cars, food, Christmas, antonyms (words with opposite meanings of other words) and more.
R 55,25 R 65,00

Famous Cities Search-a-Word Puzzles

Find groups of letters that spell the names of waterways, airports, landmarks, royal residences, and more of such cities as Rome, Mecca, Oslo, Montreal, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Athens, and New York. 50 puzzles.
R 55,25 R 65,00

Easy Crossword Puzzles

Enlarge a child's vocabulary, sharpen spelling skills with 24 easy puzzles. Hints help identify objects "in my room," "in winter," and more. colourable pictures. Solutions.
R 51,00 R 60,00