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50 Great Puzzles on Defence

The aim is to encourage players to improve their game by solving the puzzles
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Count God's Blessings Dot-To-Dot: Extreme Puzzle Challenges, Plus Devotions

With 600-1,000 dots per page, each of the 20 designs in this book is based on a Scripture that grounds you in God's promises and helps you connect the dots in your faith. Accompanying each design, you'll find a Bible passage and a devotional reading to uplift and challenge you. Create these beautiful images while counting all the blessings God has given you.
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Connecting God's Promises Dot-To-Dot: Extreme Puzzle Challenges, Plus Devotions

You'll be amazed by the intricate dot art in this unique collection as you draw animals, trees, landscapes, and other beautiful images that connect you to the blessings of our creator God. Each piece of art in this book is made up of 400 to 1000 dots, and is accompanied by a short devotion filled with the wisdom and truth of God's Word.
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The Beverly Lewis Amish Coloring Book

Experience the tranquil, homespun world of the Amish of Lancaster County, the setting of Beverly Lewis's many bestselling novels. This inspiring coloring book is filled with artful depictions of Amish life, including quilting bees, buggy rides, farm scenes, and more. As you color the charming images, you'll be blessed by Scripture.
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110 Card Games for Expert Players

A compendium of challenging card games from around the world, with professional tips and expert guidance.
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Volledige Skaakboek

Hierdie boek bied jou die nodige gereedskap om uitmuntende skaak te speel, of jy 'n beginner of reeds 'n ervare speler is.
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The Art of Christian Conversation

Designed to revive The Art of Conversation(R), TAOC(R) is a fabulous way to have balanced, interesting and meaningful communications. This Christian Edition follows on from the success of the original TAOC(R) games, and is an innovative, inspiring and multi-purpose resource for exploring faith, life and relationships from a Christian perspective. Included is an instruction booklet, as well as over 300 areas of discussions. TAOC(R) Christian is co-authored by Ross Bowerman. As well as being a ps
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Art of Conversation - All Ages

With 300 fascinating and conversation building questions, plus blank cards on which to write your own TAOC questions, this game is for everyone. It is suitable for all ages - the only knowledge needed to successfully contribute is your own life experiences, interests and ideas.
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Art of Conversation - Literary

Now, there's a new way for readers to discuss their passions, with the release of a new game, The Art of Conversation: Literary Edition. Following the success of their original games, creators Louise Howland and Keith Lamb have adapted the concept to offer new angles and avenues to think, and talk, about books.
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The Art of Conversation

A talking game designed to help people of all ages become confident speakers and better communicators.
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Art of Conversation - Travel

This new TAOC title turns our passion for travel - and talking about it - into a new form of entertainment and education.
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Maze Fun

Test your wits and pathfinding skills in 40 confusing creations full of false leads, blind alleys, and dead ends. You'll have hours of fun threading your way through these fascinating mazes. Solutions included.
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