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Codebreaking : A Practical Guide

A practical guide by two world experts to codebreaking and solving cryptograms. There are tens of thousands of such cryptograms, both modern and historical, many of which remain unsolved. The guide is complemented by both success stories and details of unsolved encryption mysteries.
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Hierdie handige naslaanbron is volgens sewe temas gerangskik: Algemene kennis, Bybelkennis, geografie, die kunste, politiek, sport en skoonhede Elke tema is verder verdeel in kleiner relevante kategoriee.
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Collins Official Scrabble Words : The Official, Comprehensive Wordlist for Scrabble (TM)

The latest official Scrabble word list, endorsed by governing body WESPA for use in tournament and club play, contains all valid Scrabble words. Check which words you can play with this authority on Scrabble and settle any disputes with the official list from Collins.
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Chiryoku : Keep your brain young the Japanese way - over 200 brain-training puzzles (& why they work)

Compared to the West, people in Japan live longer, healthier lives and at the heart of their culture - and part of their daily routine - are brain-training puzzles. Enjoy working through puzzles that will take you from total beginner to master mind and help keep your brain healthy for years to come.
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Cinephile: A Card Game

This card-based party game is a well-crafted mix of sleek design, pop culture, and film--sure to be a hit at any game night, family gathering, movie night, or even as an ice breaker for your new book club. With multiple ways to play based on difficulty level ranging from casual movie-goer to bonafide film nerd, Cinephile will have you and your friends racking your brains for Sean Connery's lesser-known films, Cate Blanchett's filmography, and Steve Buscemi's most memorable cameos.
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Bible Crossword Challenge : 99 Puzzles!

Why not learn scripture while you're enjoying a great crossword? Here are 99 puzzles sure to satisfy--and they're all in a delightful, gift-able package!
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Bible Word Search Challenge : 99 Puzzles!

Why not learn scripture while you're enjoying a great word search? Here are 99 word searches sure to satisfy--and they're all in a delightful, gift-able package!
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Connecting God's Promises Dot-To-Dot: Extreme Puzzle Challenges, Plus Devotions

You'll be amazed by the intricate dot art in this unique collection as you draw animals, trees, landscapes, and other beautiful images that connect you to the blessings of our creator God. Each piece of art in this book is made up of 400 to 1000 dots, and is accompanied by a short devotion filled with the wisdom and truth of God's Word.
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Bible Crosswords Large Print Vol. 2

Bible puzzles are a great way to pass time while learning scripture--and here's a brand-new collection of almost 50 large print crosswords sure to satisfy.
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Build Your Own Drone Manual : The practical guide to safely building, operating and maintaining an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Today, drones are increasingly used for commercial and private enthusiast use, as well as for well-documented military operations
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110 Card Games for Expert Players

A compendium of challenging card games from around the world, with professional tips and expert guidance.
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African wildlife quiz book

This new-format, new edition of the African wildlife quiz book will provide hours of fun for people of all ages. Packed with quizzes, crosswords, word searches, brainteasers and interesting facts, it offers competitive games for lively groups, or a quiet challenge for solitary users.
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