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Collins Korean Gem Dictionary : The World's Favourite Mini Dictionaries

A handy Korean to English and English to Korean dictionary. Offering learners at home, school and in the office extensive and up-to-date coverage of Korean and English in a compact, portable format.
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Collins French Essential Dictionary and Grammar : Two Books in One

An up-to-date French to English and English to French dictionary with a practical, user-friendly grammar guide in one handy volume. With cultural notes on life in French-speaking countries and an easy-to-use grammar section this is the ideal study guide for intermediate learners.
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English-Zulu / Zulu-English dictionary

This is the first English-Zulu / Zulu-English dictionary to be developed in South Africa. It was begun in the 1940s by Wits University lecturers, CM Doke and BW Vilakazi. Vilakazi was the first published Zulu-language poet and his collection, Amal'eZulu, is listed in the Top 100 African Books of the twentieth century.
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A dictionary of South African Indian English

South African Indian English (or SAIE) is one of the better-known varieties of English in the Linguistics literature.
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A dictionary of South African Indian English

South African Indian English (or SAIE) is one of the better-known varieties of English in the Linguistics literature.
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Compact Oxford Dictionary & Thesaurus

This brand-new edition of the Compact Oxford Dictionary & Thesaurus is a great reference tool, combining a dictionary and thesaurus integrated into one volume, making it ideal for all your language needs.
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Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary

This new edition of the Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary offers authoritative coverage of over 175,000 words and phrases, and 240,000 translations. Includes brand new information on online banking, and booking tickets.
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English, Afrikaans, Northern Sotho, Tswana aid

The English-Afrikaans-Northern Sotho-Tswana Aid is a handy reference work for those wishing to improve their knowledge of one or more of the four languages included. Translations for commonly used words and phrases are given in the four languages at a glance.
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Compact Oxford Thesaurus : Third edition revised

This is a revised edition of the Compact Oxford Thesaurus. With over 300,000 synonyms and antonyms, this is an ideal tool for writing or reference at home, school, or work.
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Afrikaans-Xhosa/Xhosa-Afrikaans woordeboek

Hierdie woordeboek spog met meer as 11 000 inskrywings waarvan elkeen 'n bondige, treffende vertaling bevat. Waar nodig, is voorbeelde en grammatikale verduidelikings ingesluit. Steeds die ideale hulpmiddel by die aanleer van of Afrikaans of Xhosa en vir vlotter kommunikasie.
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A Concise Dictionary of New Testament Greek

This Dictionary provides students, pastors, and others with a convenient and useful source of word meanings and English glosses for the entire vocabulary of the Greek New Testament, and is an essential accompaniment to any course of NT Greek or serious study of the Bible in its original form.
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