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A Cheesemonger's Compendium of British & Irish Cheese

FROM THE BESTSELLING CHEESEMONGER-HISTORIAN A Cheesemonger's Compendium is a fully-illustrated standalone guide to the artisanal and farmhouse cheeses of the British Isles. A must-have for cheese lovers everywhere, it also serves as a handy pocket or shopping bag-sized companion to A Cheesemonger's History of The British Isles. Containing 168 deliciously readable flavour profiles, a morsel of history and a dash of folklore, there's sure to be something to take your fancy in here. This is the
R 301,75

2024 Collins Essential Road Atlas Britain and Northern Ireland : A4 Spiral

This A4 road atlas with lie-flat spiral binding provides clear and detailed road mapping for England, Wales and Southern Scotland at a scale of 3.2 miles to 1 inch (1:200,000). For Northern Scotland the mapping is at a scale of 4.2 miles to 1 inch (1:266,000), with land height shown by different layers of colouring.
R 331,50

2024 Collins Big Road Atlas Britain and Northern Ireland : A3 Spiral

The ultimate 3.2 miles to 1 inch scale large format paperback road atlas of Britain, featuring Collins' popular and well established road mapping, and designed for exceptional clarity and ease of use.
R 280,50

2024 Collins Handy Road Atlas Britain and Ireland : A5 Spiral

This easy-to-use, handy A5 sized road atlas with popular lie-flat spiral binding features extremely clear route planning maps of Britain and Ireland and fits neatly into your glove box or bag.
R 136,00

50 Politics Classics : Your shortcut to the most important ideas on freedom, equality, and power

Your shortcut to the most important ideas on freedom, equality and power - revised and updated for our politically charged times.
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A Dictionary of Law

This bestselling dictionary is an invaluable resource for both legal professionals and students of law, defining major legal terms, concepts, and processes within the English legal system. This tenth edition has been fully revised to reflect the UK's new status outside the EU and includes expanded coverage of constitutional and medical law.
R 288,95

A Dictionary of Nursing

This bestselling dictionary provides detailed coverage of the ever-expanding vocabulary of the nursing professions in an authoritative and accessible way. It is a must-have for all nurses, nursing students, and medical practitioners, including midwives and health visitors.
R 261,95

A Dictionary of Chemistry

A Dictionary of Chemistry comprises some 5,250 entries, covering all aspects of chemistry and related topics, such as physical chemistry and biochemistry, including recent developments in the field. It is supplemented by graphs, diagrams, and detailed appendices as well as useful web links which are accessible via the companion website.
R 306,95

A Guide to Biblical Commentaries and Reference Works

A Guide to Biblical Commentaries and Reference Works, by John F. Evans, summarizes and briefly analyzes all recent and many older commentaries on books of the Bible, giving insightful comments on the approach of each commentary and its interpretive usefulness especially for evangelical interpreters of the Bible.
R 292,45 R 324,94

A Dictionary of Education

Education is of relevance to everyone, but it involves specialized terminology which may be unfamiliar or opaque. The second edition of this UK-focused dictionary - with around 1,100 authoritative entries - provides clear and accessible definitions of the terms, organizations, qualifications, statutes, and much more, involved in education today.
R 465,95

A Dictionary of Environment and Conservation

This dictionary contains over 9,000 A to Z entries on scientific and social aspects of the environment. Thoroughly revised and updated, it covers the latest research and theories in this fast-moving field. This is a must-have for students of environment and conservation studies and ancillary subjects.
R 457,95

A Concise Dictionary of New Testament Greek

This Dictionary provides students, pastors, and others with a convenient and useful source of word meanings and English glosses for the entire vocabulary of the Greek New Testament, and is an essential accompaniment to any course of NT Greek or serious study of the Bible in its original form.
R 570,00