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A Black Boy at Eton

'The story [Onyeama] had to tell was so gripping and shocking, it wouldn't let me go . . . A remarkably well-written memoir' Bernardine Evaristo, from the Introduction Dillibe was the second black boy to study at Eton - joining in 1965 - and the first to complete his education there. Written at just 21, this is a deeply personal, revelatory account of the racism he endured during his time as a student at the prestigious institution. He tells in vivid detail of his own background as the son o
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A Home on Vorster Street : A Memoir

As a young girl, Razina Theba makes her way every day to the tiny family flat on Vorster Street in Fordsburg. It is here, just outside of the Johannesburg city centre, where she grows up, playing in the Yard with countless cousins, learning to enjoy perfect syrupy paan and the best way to brew chai for her bajee.
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A Long Letter to My Daughter

A long letter to my daughter is the youth memoir of Marita van der Vyver, one of the most loved Afrikaans authors. It traces the writer's early years in apartheid South Africa, but it is also a love letter to a daughter and a language and a country. With a mother who desperately tries to make sense of it all.
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100 Things Successful Leaders Do : Little lessons in leadership

Following the success of the international bestseller, 100 THINGS SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO, Nigel Cumberland turns his attention to leadership. 100 THINGS SUCCESSFUL LEADERS DO distills all the wisdom and knowledge of a lifetime of coaching great leaders into 100 short chapters showing you how to build your own leadership skills quickly and confidently. 100 THINGS SUCCESSFUL LEADERS DO is packed with great ideas for creating long-term success for yourself and those you lead. Explore the habits, t
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#ImStaying : Good Thoughts. Good Words. Good Deeds. The Unspoken Impact of the #ImStaying Movement

In September 2019, Cape Town–based entrepreneur Jarette Petzer posted a video on Facebook. It was an emotional recognition of the difficulties faced by South Africa, as well as a heartfelt plea to nurture everything he loves about this country.
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8000 Days : Mandela, Mbeki And Beyond

This book lifts the veil on what it's like to cross a chasm in South Africa - from newspaper editor opposing apartheid repression to adviser in the Presidency and government in democracy.
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50 people who stuffed up the world

Who are the greatest villains, the direst leaders and most offensive personalities to have spread their regrettable influence throughout the modern world? Be it through politics, war, sport, culture or just their general idiocy?
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65 Years of Friendship

Sixty-Five Years of Friendship tells the heartrending story of a remarkable friendship between two remarkable men: world-renowned human-rights lawyer George Bizos, and Nelson Mandela. George and Madiba met as students at the University of the Witwatersrand in 1948.
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491 days : Prisoner number 1323/69

On a freezing winter’s night, a few hours before dawn on 12 May 1969, security police stormed the Soweto home of Winnie Mandela and detained her in the presence of her two young daughters, then aged eight and ten.
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A History of Modern Uganda

A comprehensive history of Uganda, from its precolonial origins to the present, examining the political, economic, and social turning points that have shaped its national development. This book is for graduate and high-level undergraduates studying Uganda's role in African history and African politics, as well as elements of British colonial history.
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491 days

On a freezing winter’s night, a few hours before dawn on 12 May 1969, security police stormed the Soweto home of Winnie Mandela and detained her in the presence of her two young daughters, then aged nine and ten.
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A native life in South Africa

Native life in South Africa is one of South Africa's great political books. First published in 1916, it was first and foremost a response to the Native's land Act of 1913, and was written by one of the most gifted and influential writers and journalists of his generation.
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