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Jake Maddox Girl Sports Stories: Digging Deep

Includes discussion questions and writing prompts.
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Cowgirl Grit

Sydney Todachine is stuck at her grandfather's ranch for the summer, and she's feeling out of place. So when Sydney bonds with a beautiful horse, she decides to ride in secret rather than risk embarrassing herself in front of the experienced cowboys and cowgirls. But as rider and horse practice pole bending, will Sydney find the courage to face her fears and compete in the upcoming rodeo? Each book in Jake Maddox Girl Sports Stories features easy-to-read text, fast-paced action, plus back matte
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Gevaarlike lopies & duskant die doodlyn

Fantastiese nuus vir jong sportliefhebbers! Vir die eerste keer verskyn twee van Jaco Jacobs se supergewilde sportstories, Duskant die doodlyn en Gevaarlike lopies, saam in een omnibus - met 'n klomp lekker rugby- en krieketfeite as bonus. Hierdie aksiebelaaide, spannende verhale sal jong lesers lekker laat naels kou!
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Lana en Rakker: Speeltyd vir Rakker

Die skool se sportdag is om die draai en Lana is bekommerd sy gaan heel laaste in elke enkele item kom. Maar dan kry sy 'n briljante idee: Sy kan saam met Rakker begin oefen om lekker fiks te word!
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Emily's Pranking Problem

Twelve-year-old Emily wants to enjoy summer camp, with its competitions and pranks and just not think about the possibility that her parents may be breaking up--but the stress of keeping that problem secret is giving her pranks an edge that sometimes makes them a little less than funny, and even a little mean.
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Mj's Camp Crisis

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Breaking the Ice

Kaitlin has given up a lot--even attending school--to pursue her dream of being a champion figure skater, but after she throws a tantrum at a major competition, she is dropped by her coach and prestigious skating club and can only get a spot in the much-ridiculed Fallton Club.
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Jasper die rugbyheld

Die Jasper-jeugreeks is die eerste keer uitgegee in 1959 en daar was verskeie herdrukke van die gewilde reeks. Hierdie is die tweede titel in die Jasper-reeks. Vir enige kind sal dit ure se genot verskaf, want dit is 'n boek om te lees en te herlees.
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Dugout Hero (Little Rhino #3)

When Little Rhino goes down with an injury that forces him to sit out of games, he discovers he can still be a good teammate by helping his friends while away from the action.
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In A Jam

Annie and Tyler are going out! Her roller derby team, the Liberty Belles, are in top position in the league - but are they getting over-confident? Annie misses a few practice sessions so she can spend time with Tyler. The whole team needs to refocus - especially Annie.
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Hell's Belles

Annie's roller derby team, the Liberty Belles, are finally on a winning streak. They plan a special Halloween bout with their arch rivals, the High Rollers. But Annie sprains her ankle - will it heal in time for the bout? To make matters worse, Tyler seems to be ignoring her and flirting with Kelsey, her school's most popular cheerleader.
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Crossing The Line

Crossing the Line tells the story of Themba, a rural boy who rises to become a player in the South African national soccer team, in spite of AIDS. His story tells of resistance and courage, and of his love for his younger sister, Nomtha.“Themba demonstrates that one can be a great sportsperson even with HIV/AIDS.
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