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20,000 Robots Under the Sea

In their third chapter book, Joe and Rob's beach vacation has one tiny twist: the robot beach is located at the bottom of the ocean! Readers can tag along as Earth's favorite bots stumble onto an underwater wreck, a treasure map, and one really friendly robo-shark who won't leave Joe and Rob alone.
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A Dark Descent

"After the defeat of one Wicked, the other Witches of Oz are ready for vengeance"--
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(Un)arranged Marriage

Reissued in Penguin's ORIGINALS series of powerful teenage fiction.


'Harry and Ranjit were waiting for me - waiting to take me to Derby, to a wedding. My wedding. A wedding that I hadn't asked for, that I didn't want. To a girl who I didn't know... If they had bothered to open their eyes, they would have seen me: seventeen, angry, upset but determined - determined to do my ow
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A Darkling Plain

In the time of MORTAL ENGINES, London was once feared across the wastelands. Now it's a poisoned, lifeless wreck. But Tom and Wren believe the city may hide a secret at its heart that could bring an end to the war. The fourth book in the award-winning MORTAL ENGINES quartet.
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A Fiery Friendship

When her mother is imprisoned for practicing forbidden Magic, thirteen-year-old Glinda must save the future of Oz from the four Wtcked Witches.
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#oh My Words : Short Stories, Poems, Blogs and More

FunDza has collected stories, poems, articles and interviews to entertain, inspire and surprise you. Read romance, science fiction set it 2044, human drama, and even a story about a serial killer. These pieces have all been enjoyed by thousands of daily readers on FunDza's mobi site.
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A Con Artist in Paris

Synopsis coming soon.......
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99 Days

I told her the worst, most secret, most important thing in my life - and she wrote a bestselling book about it.
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A Dog Called Homeless

My name is Cally Louise Fisher and I haven't spoken for thirty-one days. Talking doesn't always make things happen, however much you want them to.
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"Promises, Promises: Beacon Street Girls #5 "

Synopsis coming soon.......
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A Christmas Tale

It was Christmastime on Mouse Island, and I couldn't wait to celebrate with my friends and family. But then I discovered that they were all traveling out of town for the holidays, and I'd be spending Christmas alone! I was starting to feel like a real grinch. Would this be my loneliest Christmas ever?
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1, 2, 3, to the Zoo : A Counting Book

Presents an animal train which helps you count the animals one by one, all the way up to ten coloured birds. This title provides an introduction to numbers and counting.
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