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Crime & mystery fiction

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A tragedy ripped them apart. A mystery will bring them together. A powerful, gripping YA thriller by New York Times number one bestseller Kelley Armstrong.
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All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook

A soaring and heartfelt story about love, forgiveness, and how innocence makes us all rise up.

All Rise for the Honorable Perry T.
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Aksieheld Austin

Ewald kan nie wag vir die bekendstelling van die nuwe Aksieheld Austin-fliek nie. Hy speel immers die hoofrol! Maar die middag voor die vertoning gaan maak Ewald en sy beste vriend, Carlo, 'n draai by die grillerige ou fliekmuseum wat deel van die fliekteater is.
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Blits: Perlemoendiewe

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After the First Death

AFTER THE FIRST DEATH is a brilliantly tense hostage drama, by Robert Cormier, the acclaimed author of THE CHOCOLATE WAR. It is one of The Originals from Penguin - iconic, outspoken, first.

On the outskirts of a small American town, a bus-load of young children is being held hostage. The hijackers are a cold and ruthless group, opposed to the secret government agency Inner Delta. At the centre of the battle are three teenagers. Miro is the terrorist with no past and no emotions. Kate i
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Agent snoet en die windlawaai

Professor Mapstieks se nuwe uitvinding, die Windlawaai, is gesteel. Agent Snoet moet die diefstal ondersoek. Kort voor lank kry Snoet en sy slim kat, Felino, die wind behoorlik van voor - en dit lyk of Felino dalk die laaste van sy nege lewens kan verloor ...
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Big Top Flop

Synopsis coming soon.......
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Blood and Bone

A crashed van with a cargo of brains, bones, blood and eyeballs still on board.
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A Kitty Calamity

Fans of Clarice Bean, DORK DIARIES and Tom Gates will love this sixth title in the series about young detective Mariella Mystery - there's no mystery too mysterious, no problem too perplexing!
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A Cheese-coloured Camper

Geronimo's grandfather William Shortpaws - also known as Cheap Mouse Willy - is back at The Rodent's Gazette, and determined to cause trouble. He wanted to publish a guide book to Ratzikistan, the Siberia of Mouse Island. And he orders Geronimo to go there to write it.
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