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Animal stories

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A Wolf Called Wander

A New York Times bestsellerThe wolf star, brightest of all in the summer sky, shines over my home ground. Alone and starving, Swift must make a choice: stay and try to eke out a desperate life on the borders of his old hunting grounds, or strike out and find a new place to call home.
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A Horse's Best Friend

Eight-year-old Winnie is torn between being a good friend to her old horse, Chief, and unpopular friend, Simon, and wrangling an invitation to mean girl Tamson's birthday sleepover.
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Animal Ark, New 1: The Purrfect Sleepover : Special 1

Helping animals, having fun!
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A Pony Called Secret: A Ride To Freedom

It's summer time and Alice and Secret are going on a Pony Club trip to France. A perfect pony story from the author of the much-loved The Palomino Pony series. Look out for more Alice and Secret stories: A New Beginning A Friend In Need A Dream Come True
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Angel (the Puppy Place #46)

While hiking with her environmental club, Lizzie sees a dog stranded in the woods. After a dramatic rescue, the Petersons decide that they must foster Angel, an adorable Havanese. With everything this pup has been through, will she find the right new owner?
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A little horse called Pancakes and the big mountain fire

Anna B and her too-small, too-round, scruffy little horse Pancakes return in an adventure of bravery and friendship when their beloved mountain is threatened by a raging fire.
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All That Glitters (Enchanted Pony Academy #1)

Scared she's at the Enchanted Pony Academy by mistake, Daisy worries her glitter gift will never come.
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African Adventure

'This man has promised to kill . . .'

Hal and Roger Hunt are on the trail of a vicious man-eating leopard. Yet they are also being hunted themselves, by a merciless band of killers known as the Leopard Society. Can they trust their own tracker, Joro, despite knowing that he has pledged to lead them to their deaths?
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A Perfect Pet for Peyton: 5 Love Languages Discovery Book

Based on Chapman's highly successful "The 5 Love Languages," this entertaining and playful story teaches young readers that they each have a primary love language that when "spoken" by others, shows love to them. Full color.
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Anansi and the Sky Kingdom

In this story from West Africa, Anansi the spider uses his wits, his trickster skills, and the help of his friends to bring light to the world.
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Anansi and the Tug O' War

In this trickster tale from Africa, Anansi proves to Elephant and Killer Whale that in a battle of wits, brains definitely outdo brawn.
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African Animal Tales: Greedy Zebra

The story of how all the animals chose their clothing, except for Greedy Zebra, who had to take the left-over pieces . . .
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