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Animal stories

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Bomani meerkat : Die twee jaloerse meerkatte

Iets vreesliks het in die Kalahari gebeur - die meerkatte baklei onder mekaar en is nie meer een groot, gelukkige familie nie. Wat gaan Dapper Bomani doen om die vrede te herstel? Sluit by hom aan in 'n klompie nuwe avonture. Julle gaan weer vir Thandi, '
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Blinktand van Bosveldparadys

Blinktand van Bosveldparadys is 'n lekkerleesboek oor die avonture van Blinktand, die grootste, sterkste en slimste vlakvark wat ooit in Bosveldparadys geleef het.
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A Pony Called Secret: A New Beginning

Alice adores Secret, her spirited young pony, but she's worried she'll never be able to ride him! One thing's for certain - there's a long way to go before Alice's showjumping dreams can become a reality!

A perfect pony story from the author of the much-loved The Palomino Pony series.
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A little horse called Pancakes and the big mountain fire

Anna B and her too-small, too-round, scruffy little horse Pancakes return in an adventure of bravery and friendship when their beloved mountain is threatened by a raging fire.
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Bobby Bear

In five simple stories, Bobby Bear enjoys a day at the lake, a slumber party, and other activities with his family and friends.
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Adeline Porcupine

Sweet-natured Adeline Porcupine is feeling a little left out because all the other animals are cautious because of her sharp quills--but with a little help from Arnie Armadillo she joins in the play and makes friends.
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Bomani Meerkat & the friendship feather

The antics of Bomani and his friends will provide hours of entertainment, as well as afford parents and caregivers wonderful opportunities to teach lasting life lessons to children. As you read Bomani the Meerkat you will be reminded of the classic stories of your youth.
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Bomani Meerkat & die veer van vriendskap

Hierdie pragtig geillustreerde boek geskryf deur Ewald van Rensburg, is propvol inspirerende stories met kleurvolle karakters. Een hiervan is dapper Bomani, 'n baie spesiale meerkat wat jong kinders sal aanmoedig om anders te lewe terwyl hulle deur sy wonderlike avonture vermaak word.
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A Perfect Pet for Peyton: 5 Love Languages Discovery Book

Based on Chapman's highly successful "The 5 Love Languages," this entertaining and playful story teaches young readers that they each have a primary love language that when "spoken" by others, shows love to them. Full color.
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An Elephant in the Garden

A thrilling and moving novel about an extraordinary animal caught up in a very human war, for anyone who loved The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips or The Butterfly Lion...

By the award-winning former Children's Laureate and author of War Horse.
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African Animal Tales: Lazy Lion

This is the story of how Lazy Lion found his home on the great African plain.
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African Animal Tales: Greedy Zebra

The story of how all the animals chose their clothing, except for Greedy Zebra, who had to take the left-over pieces . . .
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