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Captured Science History: Fukushima Disaster: How a Tsunami Unleashed Nuclear Destruction

A massive tsunami caused by the strongest earthquake to ever hit Japan triggered the world's worst nuclear crisis since the Chernobyl accident 25 years earlier. The monster waves that crashed into the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in March 2011 killed 15,000 people and caused nuclear reactor meltdowns that threatened the lives of thousands more. The waves receded long ago, but the devastating effects of the nuclear accident still linger.
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Captured Science History: Trash Vortex: How Plastic Pollution Is Choking the World's Oceans

Millions of tons of plastic slip into oceans every year. Some floats and travels slowly with the currents, endangering the health of marine animals. The rest is hardly visible but is far more dangerous. Tiny bits of plastic sprinkle the ocean's surface or mix into the sandy seafloor and beaches. It ends up inside birds, fish, and other animals, harming them-and ultimately humans. Experts struggle with fear and hope as they work to stop the flood of plastic threatening living organisms across the
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Die leeu wat drukkies gee en ander ware dierestories

Vind uit wat gebeur het nadat twee vriende 'n leeu in 'n afdelingswinkel gekoop het, ontmoet 'n dapper hond genaamd Salty, en vind meer uit oor die dapper reddingspoging om Humphrey die boggelrugwalvis te red nadat hy die pad byster geraak het.
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Children's Wildlife Atlas

A captivating, fact-filled atlas exploring animal habitats around the world, including rainforest, grassland, desert, woodlands, wetlands and polar regions.
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Children's Dinosaur Atlas: An interactive and fun way to explore the prehistoric world

The perfect book for young dinosaur lovers, this atlas contains colourful maps that reveal where dinosaurs lived during different periods of prehistory, plus vibrant scenes that describe their habitat.
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Ant's Diary: A Year in My Life

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an ant? This ants-eye view offers a lively (and fact-filled) insight into the natural world.
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Birds of Southern Africa

Birds of Southern Africa features over 50 common, colourful birds from the region. These colourful educational posters make beautiful wall hangings, and are ideal gifts for young nature-lovers. Excellent aids in a classroom, home, nature centre or library.
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Bunny's Guide to Caring for Your Rabbit

Young readers learn about rabbits as pets and how to care for them.
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Adventure trails in Kirstenbosch

These five imaginative trails capture the magic of nature within Kirstenbosch, South Africa's best-known botanical garden.
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African reptiles & frogs to read, colour and keep

How does the sea snake swim? What is a 'hinged' tortoise? Who cleans a crocodile's teeth? Do toads cause warts? How do some frogs survive the dry season?
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African seashores : To read, colour and keep

Children will enjoy hours of fun colouring in this selection of our most striking seashore life – more than 40 of the brightest, most fascinating, commonly known creatures and plants from our local shores.
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