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Natural History
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Exploring the seashore in Southern Africa

With this lively guide, young adventurers will discover the many treasures along southern Africa’s shores, learn all about the strange and beautiful creatures they can expect to see at the beach and where to find them, then try the fascinating activities and make their own firsthand discoveries.
R 160,00

Kids' snakes of Southern Africa

Meet 36 of southern Africa’s most common and interesting snakes in this lively and engaging kids’ guide. Discover the intriguing habits of snakes – where they live, how they hunt, what dangers they face, and how they protect themselves, all richly supported by more than 250 captivating photographs.
R 170,00

Helde van Suid-Afrika: Volume 2

Ontmoet 'n paar van Suid-Afrika se dapperste helde - van Klara Majola wat een koue nag na haar blinde pa gaan soek het, tot Hector Pieterson wat die wereld se oe oopgemaak het vir die gruwels van apartheid, en 'n dapper mynwerker wat kaalvuis teen tonne rots baklei het om homself en sy kollegas te red.
R 150,00

In Focus: Galapagos Islands

Trek across the incredible Galapagos Islands, come face to face with the wildlife and discover the amazing explorers - and pirates! - who first explored these landscapes.
R 220,00

In Focus: Intelligent Animals

Come face to face with intelligent animals! Find out how dolphins communicate, if elephants really do have good memory skills, and if there are any animals that can learn to speak our languages!
R 220,00

Dinosaur Firefighters

NEE-NAR, NEE-NAR! It's all in a day's work for a dippy Diplodocus who joins the Dinoville firefighters - with comic results! Join in with the Dinoville firefighters as they slide down poles, race to the rescue and untangle a Tyrannosaurus rex. A fabulously funny new picture book by the bestselling author-illustrator Sarah McIntyre!
R 199,00

Discover Science: Weather

Learn all about the world's weather - from winds and the water cycle to storm spotting and snow crystals.
R 165,00

Insects of Southern Africa

Insects of Southern Africa illustrates some 60 of the region’s common and conspicuous insects, with icons showing which are poisonous. These colourful educational posters make beautiful wall hangings, and are ideal gifts for young nature-lovers. Excellent aids in a classroom, home, nature centre or library.
R 100,00

Explore the animal world

Arranged in groups according to habitat, this book presents the world’s most popular animals and invites young animal lovers to discover a wealth of fascinating information.
R 195,00

Find 50 in the game reserve

This fun, fold-out checklist illustrates 50 of the wild animals and birds that you may encounter on a trip into one of southern Africa's game reserves.
R 100,00

African reptiles & frogs to read, colour and keep

How does the sea snake swim? What is a 'hinged' tortoise? Who cleans a crocodile's teeth? Do toads cause warts? How do some frogs survive the dry season?
R 110,00

African seashores : To read, colour and keep

Children will enjoy hours of fun colouring in this selection of our most striking seashore life – more than 40 of the brightest, most fascinating, commonly known creatures and plants from our local shores.
R 110,00