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Natural History
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Animal Smackdown : Surprising Animal Matchups with Surprising Results

Imagine an epic animal showdown! An elephant vs. an ant in a battle of brawn? A chimp vs. a crow in a battle of wits? An emperor penguin and a pygmy marmoset in a showdown for cutest critter? Animal Smackdown brings these wild matchups to life, pitting awesome animals against each other in crazy competitions!
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Baba se eerste wilde diere

Stel jou baba aan die vriendelike diere in hierdie prettige kartonboek bekend. Van leeuwelpies tot olifante en sjimpansees, is daar foto’s van verskillende diere op elke bladsy, en eenvoudige vrae om te lees en te deel.
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Baba se eerste plaasdiere

'n Eerste kennismaking met plaasdiere. Op elke bladsy wag verskillende babadiere waarmee jy kan kennis maak. Kyk na die helderkleurige foto’s en leer die woorde in hierdie fantastiese eerste diereboek waarop kleintjies versot sal wees.
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Ant's Diary: A Year in My Life

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an ant? This ants-eye view offers a lively (and fact-filled) insight into the natural world.
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Birds of Southern Africa

Birds of Southern Africa features over 50 common, colourful birds from the region. These colourful educational posters make beautiful wall hangings, and are ideal gifts for young nature-lovers. Excellent aids in a classroom, home, nature centre or library.
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Animal Antics

Looks at some of the most weird aspects of animal behaviour. This title helps you find out all about the strange and surreal things that animals do - and why. It features colourful photography of wild animals capturing all the weird actions and behaviours that will make you laugh for days.
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Adventure trails in Kirstenbosch

These five imaginative trails capture the magic of nature within Kirstenbosch, South Africa's best-known botanical garden.
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African reptiles & frogs to read, colour and keep

How does the sea snake swim? What is a 'hinged' tortoise? Who cleans a crocodile's teeth? Do toads cause warts? How do some frogs survive the dry season?
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African seashores : To read, colour and keep

Children will enjoy hours of fun colouring in this selection of our most striking seashore life – more than 40 of the brightest, most fascinating, commonly known creatures and plants from our local shores.
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A new addition to the 'Usborne Beginners' series, which is designed to provide an informative introduction to non-fiction subjects for young readers.
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Animals At War

Find out how elephants helped Hannibal attack Rome, why pigeons saved hundreds of lives in World Wars 1 and 2 and how a little donkey called Murphy came to the rescue of wounded soldiers in WW I, along with many other stories of courage. Part of "Young Reading" series, this work focuses on animals and the roles they have played in conflict.
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