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"Ready, Set, School!"

"Ready, Set, School!" is a heartwarming children's story that follows a young child as they get ready for their first day of school. From putting on their clothes to saying goodbye to their family, riding the bus, and experiencing a day full of learning and fun at school, the story captures the excitement and adventures of a typical school day through the eyes of a child. With colorful illustrations and engaging text, "Ready, Set, School!" is a delightful tale that encourages children to embrac
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ጊዜን በጊዜ (The Essence of Zola's time) Amharic

The purpose of this book is to teach children how to spend their time wisely. Time is always running. It's important for them to learn not to waste time on unproductive activities.If children understand the value of time, they will be smarter and wiser in everything they do.
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"The Children of Slowville" Book 3 : English Edition

Two stories with hand-painted watercolor illustrations about nature, animals, friendship, kindness, and diversity. "The Children of Slowville" is a series with beautiful values to share with our children: respect for nature, kindness to others and compassion for animals.
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"Uh-oh!" said Flo : An environmental children's book about plastic pollution and positive eco change

An interactive, educational and eco friendly children's book about a turtle and her challenges with plastic pollution. Based on a true story, this fictional story book features beautiful full page illustrations to educate and inspire positive environmental change.
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?Que prefieres? libro de juegos para ninos : Preguntas muy dificiles, divertidas e hilarantes para ninos, adolescentes y adultos - libro de chistes para toda la familia

Ya sea una tarde familiar, reunirte con amigos o incluso una fiesta, nada condimenta las cosas como un divertido juego de "?Que Prefieres?" Desde situaciones divertidas y absurdas hasta preguntas muy profundas y filosoficas, lo encontraras todo en este libro. !Lleno de mas de 200 preguntas divertidas, estimulantes y emocionantes, puedes esperar horas y horas de diversion, convirtiendo cualquier reunion aburrida en exitos divertidos! Estos son solo algunos de los beneficios que puedes espera
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!Tambien Los Ositos De Peluche Se Enojan!

La gente piensa que Teddy es un osito de peluche suave y dulce. Supongo que tienen razon. Le gusta sonreir y hacer felices a todos. Pero hoy no se siente asi. El esta furioso. Descubre como la maestra Paz le ensena que el enojo esta bien y le da algunos pasos muy simples para lidiar con su emocion de forma saludable.
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