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Cambridge Press

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Earth and Beyond: An Element of Magic: Earth and Beyond

It's an accidental discovery Hennig Brandt made about 350 years ago, while he was trying to find a way to make a stone that could turn metals into gold. Find out about the first experiments, when urine was boiled, and experiments with animal bones and making modern day safety matches.
R 63,00

Earth and Beyond: Who is It, Who?: Earth and Beyond

This is about a boy and his friend, the wind. The wind comes to visit and whooshes and wheezes around the boy's house. The boy can't work out what the sound and movement is until right at the end when he happily welcomes his friend, the South Easter wind, inside.
R 63,00

Earth and Beyond: The Visitor: Earth and Beyond

Phelo sees a light and hears crying at the bottom of his garden. It's Abu, a visitor from outer space. They go for a ride in his spaceship where they look down on Earth. Phelo understands why Abu is upset when he sees the damage being done to the earth.
R 63,00

Pattern: Patterns in Jewellery: Pattern

The book explains the kind of patterns that are used by jewellery designers.
R 63,00

Landscape: Tsunami!: Landscape

This informative book explains what a tsunami is, before examining the 2004 tsunami in detail. It was the worst tsunami in history: 30 000 people were killed. Photographs show the damage and human suffering resulting from the tsunami. The book ends with planning early warning systems for future tsunamis.
R 63,00

Earth and Beyond: Children of the Stars: Earth and Beyond

It's full of fascinating information about the study of stars. The readers can find out about telescopes, solar systems, galaxies, stars, planets, star clusters and much more. The content, vocabulary and concepts are very specific to astronomy and so the learners may need extra guidance while reading this book.
R 63,00

Earth and Beyond: Stars in the African Skies: Earth and Beyond

The content covers aspects such as ancient peoples using the Moon, stars and sun as a calendar for farming and other activities. A collection of stories from Africa is also included and tells about the stars and the night sky and the stories that they inspired.
R 63,00

Earth and Beyond: Mango Chutney: Earth and Beyond

Kumar and his friends set out to make their own Slime-O. A suspicious looking bottle of mango chutney is added to the mixture. The gooey mess bubbles and froths and bursts into flames. Sophie saves the day by putting a vase over the fire and cutting its oxygen supply.
R 63,00

Earth and Beyond: Cool Cars: Earth and Beyond

This book begins with the creation of the wheel, and moves through the eras of car making. It looks at petrol and at oil as an energy source and at other interesting and futuristic ideas of car making and energy conservation. Illustrates photos of old and modern cars.
R 63,00

Earth and Beyond: Wind: Earth and Beyond

Readers can find out what wind is, how it blows, how to measure it and about the destruction it causes. The book also covers wind as a source of energy, making a wire windmill and many thrilling sports that rely on the wind to make them fun.
R 63,00

Landscape: The Getaway: Landscape

A girl who is concerned about her dad's stress levels plans a weekend away in a remote part of the country. Her dad tries to connect his laptop to the Internet. His attempts fail and he gets frustrated. The next morning he is more cheerful and is beginning to relax.
R 63,00

Pattern: Patterns in Homes: Pattern

This book shows how people decorate their homes in different ways using patterns.
R 63,00