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A Buck Thirty : Tha Reason

After serving separate prison terms, two brothers (DB and Rah-Rah) are finally reunited. With their cousin (Sauce) always by their side, the trio takes you on a vivid journey of life on the inner streets of Omaha, NE. Through the camaraderie-coated lens of the trio, they somehow reveal the tranquility, as well as the turmoil that's weaved into the subpar conditions of their environment. In an attempt to elude poverty, as well as the adversity-prone circumstances that came with their previous li
R 563,62

A Buck Thirty : Tha Revenge

After losing DB, Rah and Sauce slip into a dark realm, which leads o chaos and bloodshed. Unfortunately though, with agony clouding their vision, their ill-will was misdirected. As a result, unnecessary conflicts sprang forth, and the duo began spiraling down a path of self-destruction...with no regards of the consequences. However, an emotional occurrence eventually brings life back into its proper perspective, enabling misery to transition inot motivation. With their focus shifting from "reve
R 567,46

A Darker Shade of Moonlite : A Creative Biography

Captain Moonlite, preacher, prison reformer, bushranger, gay. Cormick's playful and inventive biography brings this enigmatic nineteenth century man and his gang to life for modern audiences.
R 553,88

A Beirut Heart

One of the most powerful and honest war memoirs ever written by a woman directly involved in civil conflict. A must read for those generally interested in civil and particularly for those interested in the tragic Lebanese one.
R 545,70

A Child of the Troubles

Was I having a nightmare? "Alex Calderwood, you've been sentenced to the Secretary of State's pleasure," the judge said. The mallet fell and made a sound that life was about to change. "Take him down," echoed around the courtroom. Another judge sat down. "Alex Calderwood, you've been sentenced to seven years," he said. The mallet went down again. For the next few minutes scenes flashed in front of my eyes of judges reading out my name and those words, take him down. Was this going to be my
R 553,84

384 Months

"I handed my $125K watch, $60K chain and my $7K earrings to the girls to take back to Virginia to a friend. It all didn't mean nothing without my freedom. I couldn't take it with me." How could a man who had the world as his playground while managing a platinum-selling rap group suddenly lose it all? Anthony "Geezy" Gonzalez writes in his own words about how his life's circumstances and choices led him from being called "The Man" on the streets to a federal prisoner. Feel his joy, pride and eve
R 433,00

1888 L'Annee de l'eventreur

Londres, 1888: le tueur en serie le plus celebre de tout les temps ne fut jamais attrape... ou si ? La Chasseresse de demons releve le defi de traquer Jack l'eventreur ! Cette nouvelle accompagne la serie originale des romans graphiques La Chasseresse de demons et nous revele un peu plus des origines de l'univers de La Chasseresse et ses ancetres.
R 188,12

1888 The Year of the Ripper

In this short story that accompanies the main series of graphic novels, The Demonhuntress crosses paths with the most famed serial killer of all time: Jack the Ripper. An original retelling of the classic crime noir episode.
R 188,12

...And Then There's Tomorrow

In a world where there is seemingly a deficit of empathy, and nothing seems to matter until hard times knock at the door; Adrienne uses her cancer diagnosis and survivor mode tactics to put a humorous spin on a hard to swallow topic - being diagnosed with a life threatening disease. In this book she gives credence and thanks to the co-survivors (friends and family), who walked beside her pushing and carrying her through this intimate detail on her journey of healing. Each chapter contains tidbi
R 576,10

A Cold Wind Down the Grey : Based on a True Crime Story

Pilloried in the press, Inspector W. H. James of the Greymouth police was the man who failed to stop the worst mass murder in the history of New Zealand. In 1888, forced into retirement, he reflects on the time in 1866 when he investigated the earlier murder of a young surveyor.
R 375,82

81 Lessons From The Sky

81 Lessons From The Sky contains eighty-one easy-to-read, true stories from real pilots, detailing what they learnt from their aviation accidents and near misses. Eighty-one stories from the General Aviation community, from around the globe.
R 534,81

A Child is Missing : Searching for Justice

A true story about the kidnapping and murder of 13-year-old Kathy Lynn Gloddy and the family's search for answers.
R 377,51

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