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Noble Savages : The Olivier Sisters

*A NEW STATESMAN AND THE TIMES BOOK OF THE YEAR* *WINNER OF THE TONY LOTHIAN PRIZE* 'Interesting women have secrets. They also ought to have sisters.' From the beginning of their lives, the Olivier sisters stood out: surprisingly emancipated, strikingly beautiful, markedly determined, and alarmingly 'wild'. Rupert Brooke was said to be in love with all four of them; D. H. Lawrence thought they were frankly 'wrong'; Virginia Woolf found them curiously difficult to read. In this intimate, sweep
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Mutual Admiration Society : How Dorothy L. Sayers and Her Oxford Circle Remade the World For Women

In Mutual Admiration Society Royal Historical Society fellow Mo Moulton relates the remarkable friendship of renowned crime novelist Dorothy L. Sayers and five other women at the vanguard of equal rights, who were among the first to receive full degrees from Oxford University.
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Gimson's Presidents : Brief Lives from Washington to Trump

'Crisp and witty' Charles Moore, Spectator 'A brilliant survey of the occupants of the Oval Office' Daniel Johnson, Article 'Witty and succinct with splendid caricatures' Tibor Fischer, Critic A spirited and entertaining aide-memoire offering 44 short, fascinating accounts of each president bringing the United States' political history to life as never before. Who can name the eight presidents before Lincoln, or the eight presidents after him? Historians tend to shed light on just a handf
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The Sniper Anthology : Snipers of the Second World War

Definitive anthology of the deadliest snipers of the Second World War.
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Scientists Who Changed History

Explore the lives and achievements of more than 85 of the world's most inspirational and influential scientists with this innovative and boldly graphic biography-led book. The second title in DK's new illustrated biography series, Scientists profiles trailblazing individuals from Greek mathematicians, such as Archimedes and Hipparchus, through physicists of the early 20th-century, such as Marie Curie and Albert Einstein, to modern greats such as Stephen Hawking and Tim Berners-Lee. Each feat
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Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo

Head to head with the world's greatest players
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The islanders

When an elderly person dies, a library vanishes, says a Mozambican proverb. Nowhere is this more poignant than in Ilha de Mozambique. There are centuries of history among the island's coral stone town and macuti (palm leaf) huts, with stories that need to be told.
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May Made Me: An Oral History of the 1968 Uprising

Oral testimonies from the creative, violent and ground-shaking events in France, May '68.
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Africa’s billionaires : Inspirational stories from the continent’s wealthiest people

As Forbes magazine heads towards its centenary in 2017, this is a timely look at how the work of entrepreneurs can influence lives in Africa and create the jobs state coffers can no longer afford. Written by the founder of Forbes Africa, this is a masterclass on how the brightest and most successful entrepreneurs across Africa made their billions.
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The other side of freedom : Stories of hope and loss in the South African liberation struggle, 1950-1994

After more than twenty years of democracy in South Africa, the history of the liberation struggle is losing relevance in the national consciousness as the country grapples with the pressing challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment.
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The reb and the rebel

The origin and development of the South African Jewish community is one small part of a vast and varied literature on the formation of 19th-century diasporic communities, worldwide. Records include ships' passenger lists, transit placements, immigration papers, memoirs, reminiscences and letters home and abroad.
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