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I Am A Killer : What makes a murderer, their shocking stories in their own words

The official tie-in to the successful Netflix documentary series, I Am A Killer, features ten of the most compelling cases, with fascinating exclusive material.
R 230,00

The Great Book of Badass Women : 15 Fearless and Inspirational Women that Changed History

There have been countless badass women who have changed the world for the better, yet most people have never even heard of them. Women throughout history have fought for their rights and the rights of others, defended their countries during wartime, healed the sick and the wounded, invented new technologies, led countries, made inspiring art, and so much more. This collection of biographies and quick trivia facts will tell the stories of the courageous and tenacious women who have paved the wa
R 263,37

The Great Book of American Heroes : 32 True Tales From American History That Made Them Legends

American history is full of many great men and women who changed the course of the United States and even the world. They are rightfully considered heroes by many Americans because of their contributions. This book is unique because it focuses on the personal struggles and triumphs that made each individual a hero to millions of Americans. In The Great Book of American Heroes, you'll learn the answers to the following questions: - What were some of the barriers that nearly prevented the Wri
R 409,03

Independence and Revolution in Portuguese-Speaking Africa : Selected Articles and Interviews, 1980-1986

Tomaz Aquino de Braganca, a close adviser to former Mozambican president Samora Machel, dedicated his life to the liberation struggles of southern Africa. Before his death in a plane crash (along with President Machel) in 1986, he was a journalist, an academic, a diplomat, and a public intellectual known for his skill in sensitive and discreet political negotiation, most notably his role in Mozambique's revolution and independence from Portugal in 1975. Marco Mondaini and Colin Darch present a
R 270,00

The islanders

When an elderly person dies, a library vanishes, says a Mozambican proverb. Nowhere is this more poignant than in Ilha de Mozambique. There are centuries of history among the island's coral stone town and macuti (palm leaf) huts, with stories that need to be told.
R 650,00

Bloed, dunner as water : Suid-Afrika se berugste familiemoorde

Die motiewe agter gesinsmoorde is dikwels vreemder as fiksie. Tergende vrae kan deur psigiaters beantwoord word ... of dalk nie. Deur na verskeie gevalle van gesinsmoord te kyk gooi hierdie boek 'n bietjie lig in 'n baie donker plek.
R 320,00

I remember Nelson Mandela

I Remember Nelson Mandela is a collection of remembrances from those who worked with, for and beside Mandela. More than one hundred individuals, from household staff to bodyguards, have offered their memories, which provide warm, poignant and often humorous insights into what it was like behind the scenes.
R 250,00

Africa’s billionaires : Inspirational stories from the continent’s wealthiest people

As Forbes magazine heads towards its centenary in 2017, this is a timely look at how the work of entrepreneurs can influence lives in Africa and create the jobs state coffers can no longer afford. Written by the founder of Forbes Africa, this is a masterclass on how the brightest and most successful entrepreneurs across Africa made their billions.
R 340,00

Getting High: The Adventures of Oasis

A fly-on-the-wall account of Oasis during their heyday in the mid-nineties.
R 487,45

The other side of freedom : Stories of hope and loss in the South African liberation struggle, 1950-1994

After more than twenty years of democracy in South Africa, the history of the liberation struggle is losing relevance in the national consciousness as the country grapples with the pressing challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment.
R 250,00

The reb and the rebel

The origin and development of the South African Jewish community is one small part of a vast and varied literature on the formation of 19th-century diasporic communities, worldwide. Records include ships' passenger lists, transit placements, immigration papers, memoirs, reminiscences and letters home and abroad.
R 329,00

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