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The Mourning Bird

When eleven-year-old Chimuka and her younger brother Ali find themselves orphaned in the 1990s, it's clear that their seemingly ordinary Zambian family is brimming with secrets: from HIV/AIDS to infidelity to suicide. Faced with the difficult choice of living with their abusive extended family or slithering into the dark underbelly of Lusaka's streets, Chimuka and Ali escape and become street kids. Against the backdrop of a failed military coup, election riots and a declining economy, Chimuka a
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Life is Like a Kudu Horn : A Memoir

Waking up to roaring lions near her doorless dung hut; encountering elephants while walking with other women to fetch water from a distant spring; realising that older Himba people saw themselves as part of nature, not as separated from it nor at its apex.
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This Mournable Body

"You spend the morning writing a letter to your cousin Nyasha, who has become a filmmaker in Germany, in which you ask for advice concerning leaving Zimbabwe.
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Welcome to the SuzelleDIY Recipe Book! These pages are full of my favourite recipes that I have gathered and created over the years, from my Ouma's old classics to my own creative recipes that will get everyone talking at your next dinner party!.
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Set a table

As the host, some honour is accorded to you. It is acknowledged that you have gone to some trouble and thought to orchestrate an occasion. This is why, when you begin (or revive) entertaining in your home, you understand that it is something of a rite of passage.
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Welkom by Resepte! Hierdie boek se bladsye is propvol geliefkoosde resepte wat ek oor baie jare versamel en opgetower het; van my Ouma se ou klassieke resepte tot my eie skeppings wat almal gaan laat gons oor jou volgende feesmaal!
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Imprisoned : The experience of a prisoner under Apartheid

This extraordinary account of imprisonment shows with exacting clarity the awful injustices of the system. Sylvia Neame, activist against apartheid and racism and by profession a historian (see the three-volume, The Congress Movement, HSRC Press, 2015), has not written a classical historical memoir.
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Beaten but not broken

At the height of her journalism career, more than one million households across the country knew her name and her face. Her reportage on human suffering and triumph captivated viewers, and with it Vanessa Govender shot to fame as one of the first female Indian television news reporters in South Africa.
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Ek is Liza Smit

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I am Liza Smit : The aftermath of murder

On 22 November 1977, Robert Smit and his wife were brutally murdered in their Springs home. They were shot and stabbed several times. The words RAU TEM were spray-painted in red on the walls. A high-ranking member of the National Party, Robert Smit was involved in sanctions-busting activities through a front company, SANTAM International.
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The Olami cookbook from Nirit Saban of the popular deli on Bree Street, Cape Town is all about simple, nourishing, wholesome food. Olami, a word used in Israel, means global, universal and worldly, and Nirit's recipes open the door to many fusions and intermingling flavours from the Middle East to South America.
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Feast with Sababa: More Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food

Tal Smith, owner of the much-loved Cape Town deli Sababa, is back with new recipes in Sababa: More Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Food.
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Period pain

In Period Pain, Kopano Matlwa has poignantly captured the heartache and confusion of so many South Africans who feel defeated by the litany of headline horrors; xenophobia, corrective rape, corruption and crime and for many the death sentence that is the public health nightmare.
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What Will People Say

Rehana Rossouw's unique voice gives life and drama to this family saga. It is the story of the Fourie family, residents of Hanover Park in the Cape Flats during the height of the struggle era.
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Everyday matters

This important book brings together the previously unpublished letters of three women, Lilian Ngoyi, Bessie Head and Dora Taylor. These letters record the writers' joys and sorrows as they struggled to live principled lives in adversity. It invites readers to taste the intriguing and sometimes disturbing pleasures of reading personal letters.
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Memoirs of a Born Free

Memoirs of a born free is a journey back through the life of Malaika Wa Azania as she recounts the experience of growing up through the end of apartheid and South Africa's transition into a democratic nation. She was not born during the times of constitutionalised apartheid but is still a product of systematic individualised apartheid.
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In the 1980s in Lagos, the government's war against indiscipline and austerity measures are in full swing. A succession of unfortunate events leads Tolani, a bank secretary, to be persuaded by her roommate Rose to consider drug trafficking as a way to make a living.
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Karma Suture

Sue Carey is a driven, twenty-something doctor struggling to preserve her sanity, sobriety and humanity in the corridors of one of Cape Town's biggest public hospitals.
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Coconut is a story that deals with growing up as a black child in a white world. It is the story of black youth who grow up in white neighbourhoods, go to private schools and have white friends.
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